Ontario police seize a barrel of weed during traffic stop

| Staff |

Ontario police discovered an open 50 gallon barrel of cannabis during a recent roadside sobriety check.

The Northumberland OPP were conducting RIDE stops (Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere) in Port Hope when they say they stopped a vehicle and noticed a large, uncovered blue barrel of what appeared to cannabis inside.

Officers seized about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of cannabis along with cannabis seeds, a vacuum sealer, vacuum bags, a scale, and various other items.

Two men in their twenties were arrested and each charged under the Cannabis Act with possession of over 30 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) in a public place, possession of illicit cannabis, intent to possess, produce, sell or distribute or import anything with intention to use it to produce, sell or distribute illicit cannabis, possession for the purpose of distributing, and possession of cannabis for the purpose of selling.

The driver was also charged with having care or control of a vehicle or boat with cannabis readily available.

In an unrelated incident, Ontario Provincial Police in Orillia also recently seized what they described as “disturbingly packaged” illicit cannabis edibles.