A Stoned Moose is passing out free cannabis clones in Ontario

The Stoned Moose (not his real name) hadn’t grown cannabis until a neighbour gave him four clones two years ago. He grew so much he started giving it away. Now he’s also giving away clones.

With this his third year of growing his own cannabis now under his belt, he says he was able to have enough from last year’s harvest to start handing a few grams out here and there to people. 

“It kinda started around Christmas last year when I realized I’d grown too much. I decided to start giving it away, so I started making up two-gram baggies and just finding random people to give them to. Restaurants, servers especially. They really love it.” 

Then this year, as he started experimenting with cloning, he found he had a lot of extra clones, too, and just extended his generosity to those, as well. 

“I’m still fairly new to growing, he says. “My neighbour gave me a couple of clones two years ago, and I grew them and I didn’t do very well. Then last year I had a lot more time to play with them because of the pandemic so I grew four big ones last year. And then this year I decided to try different techniques and one of them was cutting clones.”

“So I’ve been leaving them in front of pot shops, I find random people and hand them out.”

For Moose, it’s just about sharing his newfound passion for growing. 

“It gave me the nudge when my neighbour came over and said ‘Hey, I’ve got some clones, do you want some clones?’. It took somebody else doing it to get me started, so I think this will do that for other people, so it will give this that nudge to start growing.”

Federal law allows for up to four non-flowering plants in public areas. Moose says he keeps it under that limit, but isn’t concerned since he isn’t selling anything.

“I’m not selling anything, so I’m not really worried about any authorities.”

Moose says he just wants to spread the love of growing cannabis. 

“The other day I was driving down the street and there was this Rastafarian guy, the full headgear and everything with him, just walking down the street. So I pulled over and handed him a plant and drove away. When I looked in my rearview mirror he had his hands in the air and looked super happy. No one I’ve given them to has been unhappy!”

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