Alberta now has 600 approved cannabis retailers

| David Brown

Alberta just reached 600 approved cannabis retailers, still the home of the most legal cannabis stores in Canada. 

Ontario is close behind, though, with 550 currently approved and new authorizations at a rate of 30 per week.

Alberta has held the top position in terms of retail cannabis stores since the beginning of legalization, with 65 stores on day one, October 17, 2018. 

BC has the third highest number of approved retailers, with 320 private retail locations approved and another 25 public stores approved. In total, 305 public and private retailers are listed as open in BC.

BC is the only province with both public and private retail cannabis stores. Both Ontario and Alberta have only private retail stores, although manage distribution and online sales through the province. 

Cannabis retail across the rest of Canada:

  • Manitoba has 71 stores
  • Saskatchewan 68
  • Quebec 66
  • Newfoundland 30
  • Nova Scotia 24
  • New Brunswick 20
  • Northwest Territories 6
  • Yukon 5
  • PEI 4
  • Nunavut 1

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