OCS working to ensure more consistent supply of popular products, removing less popular brands

| David Brown

The Ontario Cannabis Store says they are making changes to how they list and carry different cannabis products, including working with producers to ensure a more consistent supply of popular products, removing unpopular products from shelves, and a new craft cannabis designation.

“The changes discussed today are about responding to consumer’s desires for reliable, consistent access to the products they want,” said Daffyd Roderick, Senior Director, Communications and Social Responsibility.

“To take another step towards maturing the Ontario cannabis marketplace, the OCS is establishing a core assortment of products that will further drive the stability of supply for cannabis consumers. Consumers are more and more impressed with the great products coming from our licensed producers, and they have told us that what they really want now is to be able to reliably purchase those products in stores and online.”

The OCS “Core Assortment” approach will identify products that have shown consistent sales and working with these products’ producers to ensure the Ontario distributor and online retailer can make an “Always in Stock” commitment to retailers and consumers on these products.

The OCS will review the Core Assortment every six months to ensure it stays up-to-date with consumer demands.

The OCS is also working with producers to on their new Craft designation, which StratCann reported on in December. Currently, the designation will require products to be grown in a facility that produces no more than 10,000 kg of cannabis a year, and utilizes more hands-on processes such as hang drying, hand trimming and hand packaging.

The OCS hopes to bring a new Outdoor category in 2021, as well.

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