One Alberta cannabis store closes up shop as the province continues to approve new stores

| Staff

Even as Alberta continues to add more retailers, at least one Alberta cannabis retailer has recently closed up shop. 

The Vegreville Canna Cabana location was recently removed from Alberta’s list of more than 525 private retail cannabis stores. A representative for Canna Cabana confirmed with StratCann that the location is no longer open. No further comment on why this location closed was provided.

Canna Cabana has 23 other locations in Alberta, seven in Ottawa, and two in Saskatchewan. It also lists six more Alberta locations as “coming soon”.

Vegreville currently has three other cannabis retailers, and a population of about 5,700 as of 2016. The Canna Cabana location was the first to open in Vegreville in September of last year, followed by Fire & Flower Cannabis Co, YSS, and The Green Box Cannabis. 

Alberta has more cannabis retail locations than any other province (+500), followed by BC (more than 260 listed as open) and then Ontario (more than 180)