Pineapple Cake prerolls recalled from Ontario

The Ontario Cannabis Store announced a voluntary recall of We Grow BC‘s Pineapple Cake prerolls today, due to labeling with the incorrect cannabinoids value.

The labeled THC on the single package of 2.5 gram prerolls was 3.7 mg/g which is lower than the actual value of 4.7 mg/g. The labeled total THC was 276.5 mg/g which is lower than the actual value of 277.5 mg/g. Health Canada’s rules for listing cannabinoids shifted from requiring percentages to requiring it to be listed in mg/g in 2020.

Labelling issues are a common reason for recalls of cannabis products, often due to cannabinoid levels being too high or too low compared to the actual values. Such mislabeling issues are not attributed to inaccurate testing results, but an error in labeling.

The product had been listed on the at just under $17, with THC listed as 22.00 – 28.00% or 220.00 – 280.00 mg/g.

We Grow BC is located in Creston, BC.

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