Recall of JWC’s Blue Lime Pie sold in NB, SK

| Staff

Health Canada has issued a recall for cannabis sold in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, produced by Ontario-based JWC Wagners.

The recall covers 4,200 units of Blue Lime Pie sold in the two provinces. The recall is because the product does not meet microbial contaminant limits as specified by the Good Production Practices requirements of the federal Cannabis Regulations. 

Despite the recall, Health Canada emphasizes that the “probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote” and Health Canada and JWC have not received any adverse reaction reports from consumers for the recalled lots.

Both the 3.5 gram and 14 gram offerings of the Wagners Blue Lime Pie, lot numbers BLP.2124Z.1 were recalled. The product was sold between June 30, 2021 and October 28, 2021.

Any consumer who purchased the product can return it to the retailer where the product was purchased, or dispose of the product. 

Health Canada also reminds Canadians that they can report any health or safety complaints related to the use of this cannabis product or any other cannabis product by filling out their online complaint form.

There have been sixteen recalls of cannabis products in Canada this year, so far.