Small recall of mislabeled cannabis concentrate in Manitoba

| Staff

Cannabis consumers in Manitoba who purchased Premium 5’s Lemon Skitz Live Resin Caviar are being informed of a recall due to product mislabeling.

The actual product was Premium 5’s Lemon Skitz Live Resin Badder. The .5 g product also had a slightly higher THC level, 790.4 mg/g THC rather than the 787.4 mg/g THC listed on the label. The small difference in THC alone would not have been enough to trigger a recall.

Only 20 units of the recalled product were sold between October 13 and October 21, 2020 at five different retailers. Health Canada says no action is required by consumers but notes that if consumers wish to return the purchased product, to contact the retail store where the product was purchased.

To date, Radient Technologies (Cannabis) Inc., the manufacturing and sales partner for Premium 5, and Health Canada have not received any complaints related to the recalled lot. Neither Health Canada nor Radient Technologies (Cannabis) Inc. have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lot.

 Product NameProduct SizeLot NumberTotal THC Total CBD
Product labelPremium 5 Lemon Skitz Live Resin Caviar0.5 gP5-LC-002B787.4 mg/g<3.8 mg/g
Actual product informationPremium 5 Lemon Skitz Live Resin Badder0.5 gP5-LB-002790.4 mg/g<3.8 mg/g