Weed Me Inc. recalls one lot of Diamond District Sativa Pre-Rolls Cannabis Extract

| Staff

A cannabis company has had to recall one lot of cannabis pre-rolls from the Ontario market for not being potent enough. 

Ontario producer Weed Me recalled packages of their Diamond District Sativa Pre-rolls (Diamond Lemon Cream), which were labelled as infused pre-rolls but only contain dried cannabis. Because of this, the products are also listed as having higher THC levels labelled than the actual THC in the pre-rolls. 

The printed value of THC on the 3 unit packs of 0.5 gram pre-rolls was 410 mg/g THC (41% THC) while the actual value was only 264.4 mg/g THC (26.4% THC). Weed Me’s Diamond District pre-rolls are normally infused with THCa diamonds.

This product was sold through the Ontario Cannabis Store and through authorized retailers in Ontario.

To date, neither Weed Me Inc. nor Health Canada has received any complaints related to the recalled lot. Neither Weed Me Inc. nor Health Canada has received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled lot.

There were 1,230 units of recalled products sold from November 23 to December 2, 2022.

According to the OCS, “a non-infused batch of Lemon Cream milled cannabis was erroneously used to make the Diamond District Sativa Pre-rolls that are supposed to be made with milled cannabis infused with THCa isolate. Potency of actual product is lower than label claim.”

Health Canada notes that consumers should verify whether their product is affected and, if they wish to return the affected product, contact the retail store where it was purchased.

Health Canada also reminds Canadians to report any health or safety complaints related to the use of this cannabis product or any other cannabis product by filling out the online complaint form.

Inaccurate labelling is one of the most common reasons for cannabis product recalls in Canada.

Image via Health Canada