Calgary Police identify suspects in string of cannabis store robberies

| Morton Robertson

Calgary Police say they have identified all the suspects involved in a string of cannabis store robberies in the city over the past several weeks. 

Police had previously identified at least a dozen cannabis stores that were robbed in Calgary in the last month, asking for help from the public in identifying them. 

The robberies were violent in nature, including one incident where the suspects kicked the store clerk unconscious and brandished a knife. Weapons such as a handgun and a hammer have also been used in other reported incidents, said police.

Now those suspects have been identified, all 16 and 17-year-old boys. Calgary Police say the investigation into the robberies remains ongoing, with charges pending.

Law enforcement had said they believed the group was targeting the cannabis stores for cash and cannabis products which can be re-sold illegally. 

Robberies and burglaries of cannabis stores are not uncommon, and stores in Calgary have been previously targeted. Cannabis growers and processors have not been immune, either. Earlier this year, at least two cannabis producers in BC’s Lower Mainland were the victims of early-morning burglaries.

Alberta recently repealed its rule requiring stores to have window coverings, which retailers said made their employees less safe in such incidents.