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Cannabis producers can now provide samples to cannabis stores in BC

The BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) has updated its regulations to allow cannabis retail store licensees and their employees to accept samples from…

Week in Weed – September 23, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 23, 2023.

BC launches new data report for cannabis producers

The BC LDB will soon launch a new data report that they say will help provide licensed producers with better insight into which retailers are…

Updated: OCS issues recall for two cannabis products for incorrect THC

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The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has issued a recall for two cannabis products this week for incorrect THC values.

Cities in BC still asking for their share of cannabis tax

In a resolution to be considered at this week’s annual Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention, the government of Port Moody, with support from the…

BC court rejects retailers’ lawsuit calling for enforcement against cannabis stores on First Nations land

A BC court has thrown out a lawsuit filed by several BC cannabis retailers who say the government has failed to enforce its own regulations. 

Cannabis software company receives $1 million from Government of Canada

GrowerIQ says the funding, which comes through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), will be used to improve it cannabis tracking…

Reported cannabis use in Canada not increasing with legalization

The number of Canadians who reported ever smoking or vaping cannabis did not increase from 2021 to 2022, according to new figures from the federal…

BZAM cuts more than 90 personnel as company refocusses to two production sites

The company also says it is “focusing the scope of activities” at its facility in Pitt Meadows, BC facility and “concentrating other activities at its…

AGLC reverses decision on including CBN, THCV in THC total

In a letter to licensed producers today, the AGLC now says it will be reversing a recent policy to include CBN and THCV in THC…

Cannabis consumption space provides examples for BC government

An indoor consumption lounge inside one of Canada’s oldest compassion clubs offered members a chance to consume cannabis in a safe space, with the club…

Week in Weed – September 16, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 16, 2023.

Victoria Cannabis Co moves one step closer to their cannabis farmgate licence

In a 7-2 vote in a city council meeting on September 14, The Victoria Cannabis Company (VCC) received approval from the city to move one…

Cumberland cannabis retailer working towards community consumption space

Nestled in the heart of Cumberland, BC, Trugreen Cannabis is pioneering a project that promises to transform the landscape of cannabis consumption spaces.

High Tide announces new consumer-facing digital magazine

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High Tide, owner of a chain of cannabis stores across Canada, is launching a new consumer-facing digital magazine.

STU Farms investment opportunity

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STU Farms, located in Ontario, is an investment opportunity for cannabis cultivation solutions.

HC: 28 targeted inspections and 3 compliance verifications so far this year to verify THC levels

Health Canada has conducted more than two dozen inspections of cannabis producers this year for the purpose of verifying the THC level of cannabis products.

Pitt Meadows takes final step in approving its first cannabis store

Pitt Meadows, BC, has now formally approved its first cannabis store.

Manitoba Liberal Party wants to target black market cannabis

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The Manitoba Liberal Party is including cracking down on illicit online cannabis sales as part of its platform in the lead-up to the provincial election…

BC cannabis producer Tricanna victim of break and enter

Tricanna, who works with numerous cannabis growers, was broken into in the early morning of September 11.

Proposal to abolish medical cannabis tax fails to become Conservative Party policy

A policy proposal to abolish tax on cannabis for medical purposes did not have a chance to become officially considered as party policy at the…

Week in Weed – September 9, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 9, 2023.

Hidden Harvest Inc. and Remix Genetics collaborate to introduce seedless cannabis genetics to the Maritimes

Hidden Harvest Inc. and Remix Genetics are teaming up to bring “seedless” cannabis cultivars to the Maritime provinces.

Victoria cannabis grower seeks support for farmgate application

The Victoria Cannabis Company is trying to generate support for its application with the city for a cannabis farmgate licence.

RCMP considering changes to cannabis policy for some employees

| Staff |
The RCMP is considering changing its policy that currently requires many employees, including front-line officers, to refrain from consuming cannabis for four weeks prior to…

Canadian cannabis finds its way to foreign shores in more ways than one

| Sarah Clark |
Cannabis from Canada is increasingly seeking new markets overseas, both legally and illegally. 

Conservative policy proposal to abolish medical cannabis tax moves step closer to party policy

| David Brown |
The proposal calls on the Conservative Party of Canada to adopt a policy that will “abolish the excise tax on medical cannabis, fostering compassionate patient…

Week in Weed – September 2, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 2, 2023.

Reminder: Some of Health Canada’s COVID-19-related “flexibilities” expire Sept 30

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Health Canada is reminding federal cannabis licence holders that some covid-related “flexibilities” will end September 30, while others will continue. 

Vancouver cannabis store avoids penalties after employee sells cannabis to minor

Eggs Canna, a cannabis retailer in BC, has avoided penalties after an employee sold edibles to a minor in a sting operation. 

Atlantic Cultivation purchases Tantalus brand, products

Atlantic Cultivation, a cannabis producer that also operates retail stores in Newfoundland, recently completed a purchase of cannabis from BC’s Tantalus Labs.

Week in Weed – August 26, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending August 26, 2023.

Cannabis sales continue to increase in Nova Scotia, with local products now more than 30% of sales

Nova Scotia sold $29.1 million worth of cannabis in its first quarter of 2023, from April 1, 2023-July 2, 2023.

Pesticide use widespread in the illicit market, while legal market cleans up its act

Researchers at Health Canada’s pesticide lab with the Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch conducted a study that took samples of dried cannabis flower from the…

Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo is in Toronto, September 12-15

Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo is the first cannabis conference brought to you by Canadian retailers, delivering four full days of immersive training and education, a…

UBC opens new Biology of Cannabis course

The University of British Columbia Vancouver campus is launching a new Biology of Cannabis course this year, starting in January 2024. 

BC cannabis sales increase as prices continue to drop

Cannabis sales continue to increase as prices continue to drop in BC, according to a new wholesale quarterly report for April to June, 2023.

Canadian retail cannabis sales passed $420m in June 2023

Cannabis sales in Canada passed the 420 million mark again in June, following a slight decline after the Christmas shopping season.

Updated: Arsonist sets Canna Cabana locations on fire at around 4:20 am

| Staff |
Two Canna Cabana cannabis stores in Burlington, Ontario were the targets of arson early in the morning on August 22

Regulatory fees, paperwork, security requirements more challenging for small producers

A new review of Health Canada’s cost recovery program for cannabis licence holders found the health agency recovered less than half of the cost of…

AGLC says CBN policy based on federal guidelines, while Health Canada, provinces say otherwise

Alberta’s AGLC maintains it has considered CBN within the THC limits on cannabis products based on Health Canada guida, four other provincial cannabis agencies say…

Week in Weed – August 19, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending August 19, 2023.

Two BC cannabis companies in conflict over payment

Two BC cannabis companies are at odds over payment for a large quantity of cannabis, according to two filings in BC court this past week.

Canopy Growth enters into an agreement for the sale of Hershey Drive facility in Smiths Falls

Canopy Growth says it has entered into an agreement to sell its Hershey Drive facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario, back to Hershey.

AGLC delisting some cannabis products that contain CBN

| David Brown |
A cannabis producer says they were recently told their product would no longer be sold in Alberta due to them containing too much CBN.

ShuCanna receives cannabis farmgate store in Salmon Arm

ShuCanna Growers, a micro cultivator and processor located on the Trans Canada Highway on the outskirts of Salmon Arm, recently received their Production Retail Store…

Ontario projects $463 million in revenue from cannabis sales, taxes for 2023-24

The Ontario government expects to bring in $269 million from its portion of the federal cannabis excise duty for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Veterans Affairs Canada paid for more than $167 million worth of cannabis in 2022-2023

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Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) paid for more than $167 million worth of cannabis in 2022-2023, or the equivalent of more than 21 thousand kg going…

Legal medical cannabis lowers individual market health insurance premiums in US

Recent US research reveals that legalizing medical cannabis significantly reduces health insurance premiums, saving approximately $16 billion annually.

Australian Greens introduce their Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023

The Australian Greens tabled a bill to legalize cannabis on Friday, August 10 – the Greens Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023.

Week in Weed – August 12, 2023

| David Brown |
The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending August 11, 2023.

Some Winnipeg cannabis retailers concerned with province allowing sales in gas stations

Some retailers in Winnipeg say they are frustrated by the province issuing a retail cannabis licence to a gas station/convenience store, something they worry could…

International medical cannabis market driving Aurora’s cannabis sales

| Staff |
The Canadian cannabis producer shared the numbers as part of its most recent fiscal 2024 first quarter results ​​on August 10.

Organigram’s application for judicial review of edible extracts ruling approved

A judge has approved Organigram’s application for judicial review of Health Canada’s decision that Jolt’s “ingestible extracts” were in contravention of the federal Cannabis Regulations.

Cronos closing cannabis fermentation facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cronos Group says it will be winding down its cannabinoid “Fermentation facility” in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with intentions to list the facility for sale.

Changes to OCS privacy policy could mean customer data stored outside of Canada

The Ontario Cannabis Store is making a change to its privacy policy that could potentially result in customers’ personal information being stored outside of Canada.

Week in Weed – August 5, 2023

It’s been yet another very busy week in cannabis news. Here’s your headline summary for the week ending August 5, 2023.

North Vancouver Cannabis Education Expo

The North Vancouver Cannabis Education Expo takes place from 11am-7pm on Saturday, August 26th, at the aptly-named North Vancouver Shipyards “Pipe Shop” venue.

BC gov reviewing cannabis sampling rules for producers, retailers

The BC government is reviewing its rules about cannabis sampling between producers and retailer stores, which some provinces already allow.

Stats Canada says some cannabis users are one toke over the line 

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A new study from Statistics Canada has found that 1 in 20 Canadians who had consumed cannabis in the past year were at risk for…

US study calls into question accuracy of field sobriety tests for cannabis

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Results of a California study question the accuracy of field sobriety tests from law enforcement officers in detecting THC impairment.

AGCO, OCS rolling out new POS data platform

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) have developed a new data platform to help simplify retailers’ cannabis…

Conservative Party policy proposal calls to abolish medical cannabis tax

The head of a regional Conservative electoral district association in New Brunswick has put forward a policy proposal to abolish excise tax on medical cannabis.

Alberta to consider white label cannabis products

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC), Alberta’s cannabis regulator, is exploring the possibility of allowing white-label cannabis products in the province.

Metro Vancouver rethinking regulation of cannabis VOCs

Metro Vancouver’s Regional Board (MVRD) of Directors says they want to collaborate with other provincial agencies on any potential regulation of cannabis farm emissions rather…

UBC and Aurora Cannabis looking at developing better outdoor cultivars for Canada

A researcher at UBCs Biodiversity Research Centre is teaming up with a geneticist at Aurora Cannabis to adapt cannabis for outdoor production.

Week in Weed – July 29, 2023

This week in weed has been a busy one, including Mastercard in the US telling payment companies to stop allowing US customers to buy cannabis…

Vancouver’s High Hopes launches cannabis substitution project

High Hopes Foundation in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside exploring cannabis as a substitute for several alcohol dependence.

Nominations now open for Grow Up’s Awards Gala

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Grow Up Awards Gala, set to take place in Victoria, BC, in early October. 

Surrey city council votes to refer report on cannabis back to city staff

Surrey city council has voted to send a report on cannabis retail stores back to city staff to be retooled before it will be considered.

Aurora Cannabis closes sale of Sun facility

Aurora Cannabis has closed the sale of its Medicine Hat, Alberta facility to Bevo Farms, a subsidiary of Bevo Agtech Inc.

Surrey City Council to consider framework to approve cannabis stores

City Council in Surrey BC, is developing a plan to potentially consider cannabis retail store applications.

Week in Weed – July 22, 2023

The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 22, 2023.

Manitoba taking steps to mitigate strike’s impact on cannabis sales

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries says that while it is “severely impacted” by the MGEU strike action, it has developed a contingency plan in advance to…

Alberta government selling off giant donair costume meant to draw attention to cannabis-impaired driving

The Alberta government is auctioning off a donair costume the government purchased in 2015 for use in a traffic safety video campaign.

Team fighting Manitoba’s home grow ban are back in court in September

The group challenging Manitoba’s ban on home-grown cannabis will head back to court in September to make new arguments for why the provincial ban is…

OCS DC now accepting deliveries from smaller vehicles

As of July 17, the OCS Distribution Centre (DC) will accept deliveries from sprinter vans carrying up to 260 master cases per delivery and “alternative…

First Nations community near Regina opens “sovereign” cannabis store

One First Nations community in Saskatchewan recently opened retail store Miyo Askiy Cannabis Co. under their own local regulations. 

Pitt Meadows, BC now accepting retail cannabis applications on a case-by-case basis

| David Brown |
Pitt Meadows in BC, which had previously banned cannabis stores, has now passed Seed & Stone application at third reading by city council.

BC cannabis producer loses 120 kg of cannabis in early morning burglary

BC producer Pistol and Paris, located in Agassiz, was robbed early this morning with several men in a truck getting away with 120kg of cannabis.

High marks for distribution models in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

In Canada, each province and territory has a unique cannabis distribution model. Though by no means perfect, many retailers and LPs rank Saskatchewan and Manitoba…

Week in Weed – July 15, 2023

The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 15, 2023.

BC asking for feedback on changes to where people can consume cannabis

The BC Government planning several changes to provincial cannabis rules, aiming to assist the cannabis industry and cannabis tourism in BC.

Organigram blames lower sales on THC inflation and no longer being able to sell “ingestible extracts”

New Brunswick-based cannabis producer Organigram says its net revenue and margins decreased in the third quarter of 2023 due to the declining price of cannabis…

Health Canada to begin testing of legal, illegal cannabis

Health Canada is launching a new data-gathering program on cannabis markets in Canada that will include sampling and testing of both legal and illegal products…

Ontario Cannabis Store launches cannabis awareness campaign

The Cannabis Made Clear campaign is part of the OCS’s mandate to promote responsible consumption of cannabis, and includes marketing campaigns across the province.

Metro Van continues to call for regulation of cannabis farm emissions

| David Brown |
The revisions, presented in a staff report on July 6, include allowing for more flexibility for the type of required emission control technology in cannabis…

Australian cannabis legalization bill could be tabled as early as August: Senator

Australian Greens Senator David Shoebridge has been leading the charge for legalization Down Under, and hopes to table new legislation in August in federal parliament.

Week in weed – July 8, 2023

| Staff |
The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 8, 2023.

A BC cannabis producer wants people to know he’s not part of the government

A producer in BC, BC Cannabis Inc., is trying to let retailers know they are not affiliated with the BC government. 
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