Break-in at West Kelowna cannabis store

| David Brown

A cannabis store in West Kelowna was broken into in the early hours of Friday morning, leaving behind extensive damage and making off with a handful of pre-rolls.

Skye Cannabis Co., located on Industrial Rd in West Kelowna in a small shopping centre shared with a gas station, is open again for business after cleaning up following the break-in just before 3 am on Friday, May 24.

Natasha Raey, the owner of the store, says she received an alert on her phone and quickly contacted police who responded quickly, but not before the burglars escaped with a handful of cannabis pre-rolls. 

Video of the incident shows the two bumbling burglars struggling to use a truck and chain to rip the doors off the store, before seeming to search in vain for products inside. Raey says they made off with only a handful of pre-rolls but caused significant damage, not only to the two doors but to the back office and at least one display case. 

“Luckily we’re very secure,” says Raey. “We’re happy that no one was hurt, but it’s a lot of damage for very little profit on their part.”

She says the two could have probably made more money working in her store for a day than they will likely make selling the handful of products they stole.  

Raey and her team have shared the video with police and with the community, many of whom she says have reached out to her saying they believe they recognize the maroon Dodge 4×4 truck and the two men involved. 

Two cannabis stores in BC’s Lower Mainland faced similar break-ins earlier this year, causing significant damage to the stores and a loss of product. 

Image from inside Skye Cannabis showing damage to the front door. Image via Natasha Raey.

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