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StratCann’s Growing Relationships


Growing Relationships

Growing Relationships is StratCann’s signature event series that brings together producers, retailers, and service providers in the cannabis industry for conversation, innovation, and collaboration. This B2B event is a full day experience, with a focus on the region’s independent cannabis brands and businesses.

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to deliver this event to the cannabis communities in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba so far. And, we’re working behind the scenes to add new dates and locations across the country. Let us know if you have a location to suggest!

With each event, we receive incredible feedback on the value of attending and our attention to creating the right space to make real connections and build business relationships that continue afterwards.

Check out our event calendar for upcoming dates and locations. Become a subscriber to get early notification when tickets and Event Partner opportunities are available! 

Dates & Locations for 2024:

Roundtable Discussions

An important component of this one-day event is to capture and summarize the Industry Roundtable discussions. We share these important documents directly with the regulators so they are informed of the current issues and how they are affecting the various stakeholders in the industry, as well as the solutions and ideas that come from this dialogue. Here are the Roundtable Summaries from past events.


Maximize your brand exposure and showcase your commitment to supporting the cannabis industry community.

For all of our events, we offer several levels Event Partner opportunities to work with all budgets and put your business in front of your target audience! We also offer bundle pricing if you wish to secure your partnership in more than one event. Contact us for current availability and pricing.

Why should you attend Growing Relationships?

  • The growing relationships event by Stratcann was one of the most worthwhile events I have attended this year. it was nice to meet so many people from all sides of the industry. It was a pleasure to participate in the retailer panel. Looking forward to more events.

    Jazz Samra, Sativa Bliss Cannabis boutiques & VIP Media Group
  • I appreciate the opportunity to talk and to network with some of the movers and shakers here in Alberta. The reciprocal dialogue was really great, and your innovative tools for fast networking was a blast for all involved. Thanks again for adding to the fabric of the industry in such a meaningful way.

    Alena Jenkins, Five Point Cannabis
  • I found so much value in David Brown’s Growing Relationships event and believe everyone should get to one at least once. It’s one of the most eye-opening and effective conferences I’ve attended. Putting everyone in a room to discuss and try to tackle all the issues together, ADORED IT!

    Emily Riehl, Greentone
  • “The atmosphere was electric with the cannabis culture present in full force; just what I needed to come back feeling excited and ready to go. It was such a great opportunity to meet some independent and micro growers we didn’t even know were around; these growers will definitely serve as an excellent addition to our menu. All thanks to David Brown and StratCann’s incredible crew.”

    Amber Mcguire, The Hippies Next Door
  • Thanks so much for having me. It has helped me tremendously to remember and feel that I am part of a passionate community and not just existing in a silo as so many others described. I feel that was due to the independent retailer and micro-grow focus, so I really appreciated that myself and found it was such a constructive conversation.

    Danielle French, Enlightened Herb
  • “There was lots of insight into what’s going on in this industry and it’s incredible that you gave this opportunity to everyone to share their expertise. I want to thank you and David again for putting on an awesome event!”

    Ashley Newman, Queen of Bud
  • “What a great recap of information. Having discussions put in writing often makes changes more tangible.

    (This was in response to the Industry Roundtable Synopsis that we send out after each event to all attendees. We also send copies to the appropriate regulators so they are informed.)
    Yvette Webb, Cream of the Crop Therapeutics
  • “Amazing, productive and progressive event! Appreciate your follow-up and all your efforts to make it so successful.”

    Navin Paintal, Herbpax
Thank you to Mixed Sweet Media for the fantastic video production!

Growing Relationships Photo Album

  • Roundtable discussions, Kelowna 2022
  • Socializing in Kelowna, 2022
  • Roundtable presentations, Calgary 2023
  • Prepping for Weed Dating, Calgary 2023
  • Retail Panel, Calgary 2023
  • Patio Weed-Dating, Calgary 2023
  • Crater Crater brings his live art to Burlington!
  • Weed Dating by the lake, Ontario 2023
  • OCS President & CEO David Lobo joins David Brown
  • CCX Presentation, Calgary 2023
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