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David Brown

David Brown writes about cannabis policy and industry stuff and lives in British Columbia. He likes plants.

Mississauga’s first cannabis stores beginning to open

Residents of Mississauga no longer need to drive outside of the city to visit a cannabis store.

BC’s cannabis Direct Delivery program is growing, but fees still too high

BC’s direct delivery program for small-scale cannabis producers is beginning to mature but still receives mixed reports from the local industry. 

NB Munis want to know where their share of cannabis tax revenues went

The Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick (UMNB), as well as the Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFMNB) say they want to know where their…

BC repealing visibility requirements for cannabis stores

The BC Government announced today that their provincial cannabis regulations will no longer require that cannabis, cannabis accessories, or their packaging and labelling within the…

Manitoba suspends Social Responsibility Fee, expects passage of new legislation soon

In a bulletin sent to cannabis retailers on May 18, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL), the agency that oversees cannabis in the province, says they…

Cannabis sales continue to increase in BC as prices fall

Cannabis sales in BC continued to increase in the first three months of 2023, while the price of cannabis continues to drop in the province. 

Manitoba expected to return millions to cannabis retailers

| David Brown |
In response to industry concerns, the Manitoba government will be extending a rebate on their Social Responsibility Fee paid by cannabis stores since 2022, according…

Manitoba cannabis stores say they need their money back

Several cannabis retailers are telling the Manitoba provincial government that they support its efforts to repeal a six percent fee charged to stores, but say…

Canadian cannabis producers say the process to vet new products needs an overhaul

Cannabis producers in Canada say the process to notify Health Canada of new products needs a significant overhaul. 

Manitoba NDP wants to know where the cannabis revenues went

The Manitoba NDP’s Finance Critic wants to know where the province has spent the money received from legalization. The province says it intends to sign…

BC announces more changes for cannabis retailers

The provincial government says they will be looking into lifting the cap on how many stores one company can own, currently limited to eight locations,…

Organigram asks court to overrule Health Canada on edibles extract restrictions

NB producer Organigram has filed for a judicial review of Health Canada’s recent decision to require an end to sales of “edible extracts” that exceed…

UBC researcher identifies new kind of root rot affecting cannabis plants

| David Brown |
Researchers at UBC Okanagan (UBCO) recently identified a new type of disease affecting the roots of cannabis plants, fungal pathogen Berkeleyomyces rouxiae, commonly known as…

BC announces funding to support Indigenous cannabis businesses

The provincial government announced nearly $2.3 million in additional funding for the New Relationship Trust which oversees the ICBF. This funding is on top of…

Updated: Health Canada issues recalls for two unauthorized cannabis products sold without market authorization (DIN) in Canada

The Ontario Cannabis Store has posted a recall for “Goodnight Dream Caps” from Taima Extracts Inc., a cannabis product they say is an unapproved prescription…

Mississauga to allow cannabis stores

Mississauga City Council voted today to approve a motion to lift its prohibition on cannabis retail stores and permit cannabis retail stores to be located…

Supreme Court upholds Quebec’s right to ban growing cannabis at home

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Quebec has the right to ban residents from growing their own cannabis at home.

Mississauga could vote whether to approve cannabis stores soon

| David Brown |
Mississauga General Council voted to receive a motion today calling on the city to reverse its original ban on cannabis stores that has been in…

New rules will allow BC to use civil forfeiture to target illegal cannabis growers

The BC Government will soon have new tools to apply civil forfeiture rules against illegal cannabis growers.

Cannabis consumers in Canada more likely to be younger, female compared to the US

| David Brown |
The recently-released data compares sales figures from Ontario and Alberta, as well as eight legal US states against trends from 2021 to 2023. 

Study highlights ongoing gaps in medical cannabis access in Canada

| David Brown |
A group of medical cannabis advocates, researchers, and academics are drawing attention to what they say are concerns with proper access to medical cannabis in…

Producers can now provide cannabis samples to Alberta retailers

| David Brown |
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

Buying cannabis seeds and clones in Canada in 2023

As Canadians prepare for the 2023 cannabis growing season, home growers are beginning to get more options for finding cannabis clones and seeds. 

BC company ships 20 kg of cannabis to Jamaica

A BC company says they recently completed the first shipment of legal cannabis from Canada to Jamaica.

Lab owner calls for more oversight of cannabis testing standards

The owner of one analytical testing lab is calling out what he says is a serious problem with the accuracy of THC levels on cannabis…

Health Canada warns public to consume “non compliant” edible extracts with caution 

Health Canada issued a press release today warning Canadians of edible cannabis products like gummies and hard candies that they say are incorrectly marketed as…

OCS to reduce margins, move to fixed-pricing mark-up later this year

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will be reducing its margins and moving to a fixed markup pricing model later this year.

Advocates concerned with lack of separate medical cannabis review

| David Brown | ,
Advocates with a prominent medical cannabis organization say they are concerned that Health Canada is going back on their past commitment to undertake a review…

Lawsuit alleges banks in Canada are discriminating against cannabis industry

| David Brown | ,
A class action lawsuit is targeting several Canadian banks that it alleges have engaged in financial discrimination against legal cannabis businesses.

“Data scraping” concerns some Ontario cannabis retailers

| David Brown | , ,
Some Ontario retailers say they are concerned about a new type of “data leak” that appears to be showing their sales, circulating within the industry. 

Some BC retailers unable to place orders from LDB due to system error

| David Brown | ,
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

What is actually happening with “edible extracts”?

| David Brown | ,
The industry has been abuzz with speculation following reports of Health Canada telling some cannabis producers they can no longer sell so-called “edible extracts.”

Researchers: Aroma, not THC determines quality and “subjective effect” of cannabis

| David Brown |
A study out of Oregon argues that aroma, rather than THC, is the most important factor when it comes to quality cannabis. 

OCS bug gives some retailers early access

An error in Ontario’s new ordering system for cannabis retailers experienced a glitch in recent weeks that led to 115 retailers getting access to 94…

Survey: Legalization has improved access to medical cannabis in Canada

| David Brown | ,
A new report prepared for Health Canada shows that the legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 improved access, information sharing, and reduced stigma associated…

BC releases What We Heard report on cannabis consumption spaces

Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

Health Canada commissioning research to compare the effects of novel cannabinoids

Health Canada confirms it is looking into the effects of different cannabinoids to create equivalency amounts to delta-9-THC.

Community group enables access to legal cannabis for residents of Vancouver’s DTES

Efforts to bring more affordable cannabis options to people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are so far proving successful, says one of Vancouver’s longtime community activists. 

Banking reform in US unlikely to help Canadian cannabis companies

Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

Micro licences continue to grow in popularity

| David Brown | ,
Micro cannabis licences continue to be the most popular licence type according to newly updated numbers from Health Canada.

Cannabis farmgate comes to BC

Cannabis growers in BC can now apply for a “farmgate” retail licence that will allow them to run a retail cannabis store at their farm…

Full panel announced for Cannabis Act review

| David Brown | ,
Health Canada has announced new members of the independent expert panel to lead a review of the Cannabis Act. 

OCS eliminates recall liability insurance requirement

The Ontario Cannabis Store announced that they will be eliminating their requirement for product recall liability insurance and increasing their commercial general liability insurance.

Cannabis NB launches Good to Know education campaign

| David Brown |
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

Despite constitutional concerns, northern Ontario city seeks to limit homegrown cannabis

Elliot Lake, a small town in northern Ontario, is looking to establish bylaws to control where people can grow cannabis, despite concerns that such a…

Much more needed than just a change to tax payment timeline

| David Brown | ,
The inclusion of some small changes to how Canadian cannabis companies operate and pay their taxes as part of a recent bill tabled in Parliament…

More on proposed cannabis beverage equivalency changes still expected by winter 2022

| David Brown | ,
Canadians should soon have the chance to provide comments on proposed changes to the cannabis regulations, including increasing the public possession limit for cannabis beverages.

Cannabis council frustrated by illicit dispensaries taking part in Toronto Halloween event

| David Brown | , ,
A cannabis industry association is raising concerns with what they say were two illicit cannabis dispensaries taking part in a recent children’s-themed cannabis event in…

All Nations launches their first cannabis store in Shxwhá:y Village in Chilliwack, BC

All Nations, a First Nations-run cannabis company, is partnered with Shxwhá:y First Nation on a production facility in Shxwhá:y Village in Chilliwack, BC. All Nations…

BC LDB releases first wholesale quarterly sales report

New sales figures from the BCLDB show that wholesale grams sold and wholesale cannabis sales in the province have increased significantly in Q1 2022 compared…

Yukon introduces new special order program for low-demand cannabis products

| David Brown |
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

Quebec micro processor looking to hand over business to new ownership

| David Brown |
A micro processor in Quebec that is focussing on cannabis-infused topicals is looking for someone to take over their operations.

With website closure, Yukon completes handover of cannabis retail sales to private sector

| David Brown |
The Government of Yukon announced today that the Yukon Liquor Corporation’s Cannabis Yukon website is now closed, leaving cannabis e-commerce to private licence holders.

Cannabis industry in an “emergency crisis”, asks for moratorium on 2.3% annual regulatory fee

| David Brown |
Cannabis industry calls on immediate regulatory reform: “This is an industry that cannot pay its own bills and cannot make ends meet.”

Four years later: Following Canada’s path to legalizing cannabis

| David Brown |
October 17 marks the four-year anniversary of cannabis being legal in Canada. That day marks not only a new beginning in terms of righting a…

BC’s Woody Nelson making a big impression with their LoFi CBD oil

| David Brown |
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

BC looks to expand enforcement options against illicit online cannabis sellers

| David Brown |
The BC government has introduced new legislation intended to help them get a handle on online illicit cannabis sales in the province. 

Ontario Micro Growers (OMG) is a four-person team in Ontario looking to help micros find a path to market in the province

| David Brown | ,
Started by a handful of trusted friends and cannabis enthusiasts with different levels of experience in both the cannabis industry and consumer packaged goods, the…

Ontario sold more than $400 million worth of cannabis in first three months of 2022

| David Brown |
Ontario sold more than 63 million grams of legal cannabis in the first three months of 2022, representing over $405 million in sales.

BC cannabis nursery Klonetics announces deal with California’s Seed Junky Genetics

| David Brown |
Klonetics, a cannabis nursery located in Kelowna, BC, is now offering genetics to their B2B partners from California cannabis breeders Seed Junky Genetics.

West Blvd Cannabis is Canada’s first culinary cannabis facility

| David Brown | ,
Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, West Blvd Cannabis (WBC) is Canada’s first culinary cannabis facility. WBC is the first licensed micro processor approved…

Cannabis Act review to focus on progress, impact of legalization in Canada

| David Brown |
Health Canada has announced the launch of its formal review of the Cannabis Act today.

Cannabis industry still recovering from OCS, LDB distribution shutdowns in August

| David Brown |
Cannabis retailers in BC and Ontario are finally starting to dig themselves out from the shutdown of those provinces’ centralized delivery systems.

Microcraft Cannabis Workshop focussed on cultivation in Coldstream

| David Brown | ,
Smaller than even the typical micro, Microcraft Cannabis Workshop is operating with a canopy of only around 95m2, a little under half of the 200m2…

Alberta has collected more than $176,000 in cannabis fines since 2018

| David Brown |
Alberta has collected more than $176,000 in fines from cannabis retailers and producers doing business in the province since the beginning of legalization. 

Supreme Court to hear final arguments in challenge of Quebec’s home-grow ban Sept 15

| David Brown |
The case that will determine if it’s legal for people in Quebec to grow their own cannabis will get its final day in court on…

Quebec to launch new small-batch “Petits lots” pilot project

| David Brown |
The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) is launching a new product call program for small batch products that could help some small-scale growers get new…

BC halting direct delivery program pending further notice

| David Brown |
Cannabis producers say they are being told by the BC government that the province is indefinitely postponing their direct delivery program due to issues related…

BC cannabis retailers and producers frustrated by LDB shutdown

| David Brown |
Cannabis retailers and producers in BC say they are already starting to feel the pinch from a strike that shut down the province’s cannabis distribution…

Micro licences taking off in Quebec

| David Brown |
Quebec has seen a big uptick in new micro licences in 2022, more than any other province so far this year. 

Cannabis retailers, producers in BC prepare for direct delivery

| David Brown |
Cannabis producers and retailers in British Columbia are gearing up to participate in the province’s new direct delivery program.

BC’s cannabis distribution centre will not ship or receive products until further notice

| David Brown |
Due to a union job action, British Columbia’s centralized cannabis distribution warehouse is suspending the receival or shipment of any orders for the time being. 

Ontario’s Frost Cannabis is focussing on their craft

| David Brown | ,
Scott and Brad Acton are two brothers running Frost Cannabis, a micro producer in Burlington, Ontario for just over a year now.  

Alberta cannabis stores no longer need window coverings

| David Brown |
Alberta’s cannabis regulator will no longer require cannabis stores to use window coverings to block views into their stores from the street. 

SQDC announces three new edibles: Cannabis-infused oven baked beets, dehydrated cauliflower, and dried figs

| David Brown |
Consumers in Québec who are looking to satisfy their edible cannabis cravings will soon have some new options.

OCS third party logistics provider subject to “cyber attack” last Friday, online and retail orders to be delayed

| David Brown |
The attack will mean retailers will not have access to weekly deliveries, leading to product shortages and empty shelves if the delay continues, say several…

Compliance and enforcement report: 210 inspections led to 3 warnings, 2 product seizures, 1 licence suspension

| David Brown |
Health Canada has released their newest compliance and enforcement report covering April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

Alberta finally, officially makes sale of retailer-branded apparel legal

| David Brown |
Starting in September, cannabis stores in Alberta will be able to sell up to 15% of their inventory as cannabis apparel and accessories.

Vancouver Island’s micro grower Craft Kings focusses on small batch quality

| David Brown | ,
Craft Kings Enterprises is a micro cultivator located within a cannabis business park in Sooke, BC. The 3-person team received their license in February 2021

SQDC responds to committee’s concerns with edibles, plans to add new edible products

| David Brown |
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

Industry happy with “next steps” towards new sales channels for CBD, but long wait expected for any regulation changes

| David Brown |
Many in and outside of the cannabis industry say recent recommendations from a government committee looking at new sales channels for some CBD products is…

Ontario’s fourth farmgate store, Bullrider, takes a unique approach to their licence

| David Brown |
Ontario issued their fourth cannabis farmgate location in May to a producer and retailer taking a unique approach to the licence. 

Vancouver to lower cannabis store fees to $5,000 in 2023

| David Brown |
The annual cost to run a cannabis store in Vancouver will be lowered from $13,500 to $5,000 on January 1, 2023.

Vigr Life Cannabis on their two micro cannabis licences

| David Brown | ,
Vigr Life Cannabis Inc. is a micro cultivator and processor operating two licensed facilities in Regina, Saskatchewan, and got their sales licence in June.

Big changes coming to BC’s cannabis sector 

| David Brown |
British Columbia is making some big changes to its cannabis market, moving towards a more streamlined approach to distribution and sales.

Good first steps for Health Canada’s cannabis diversity forum, but more work to be done

| David Brown |
Health Canada’s attempts to learn from Indigenous and racialized communities about systemic barriers that exist within the cannabis industry are a good first step but…

BC to now allow private cannabis retailers to deliver through common carriers such as Canada Post and delivery-service providers

| David Brown |
Canada’s cannabis industry sees a continued increase in sales, even as the amount of production space and the number of employees at production facilities appears…

BC to launch direct delivery program on August 15

| David Brown |
BC will be launching its direct delivery program that will allow producers to sell directly to retailers on Monday, August 15, 2022.
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