New cannabis patio opens in Mission, BC

| David Brown

A cannabis store in BC is taking a second swing at hosting a cannabis-friendly patio space, this time in Mission.

Cheeky’s Cannabis, which has two locations in BC, one in Maple Ridge and one in Kitsilano, first briefly launched a similar cannabis-friendly patio in Maple Ridge earlier this year. Then in May, Cheeky’s partnered with the Mission Springs Brewing Company to host an outdoor cannabis-friendly patio to join the large, family-friendly restaurant and brew pub just off Highway 7 in western Mission.

Both businesses are owned, at least in part, by parent company Springs Group, which also helped to bring the two businesses together to create the cannabis consumption space as part of the restaurant. 

Customers of the Mission Springs Brewing Company can sit inside or enjoy several outdoor patio spaces. One is smoking-friendly and now also allows cannabis smoking and vaping. Overlooking the Fraser River, customers can order food and drinks and enjoy them while sharing a joint with friends.

Earlier this year, BC began allowing businesses like cafes, restaurants, bars, and casinos that have approved smoking areas to allow cannabis smoking in those same areas. However, municipal bylaws can still be a barrier. A handful of spaces have opened, although many municipalities in the province do not allow these types of smoking areas, regardless of what is being smoked. 

Laura Rowse, the co-owner of Cheeky’s Cannabis, says a previous partnership with a restaurant and pub in Maple Ridge called Billy Miner faced too many challenges from city inspectors, prompting her to launch this new space in Mission. The reception at the new space has been positive. 

“Billy Miner was a trial, but we really struggled to keep the location in Maple Ridge open”, says Rowse. “Once we gave up on Maple Ridge, then we looked to Mission and the Mission bylaws allow for smoking on patios. We wanted to take a soft approach and not disrupt anybody. The feedback has been good so far.”

The space has about ten tables accessible from the restaurant, with notices on the door that it is a smoking patio. Customers can also choose a nearby non-smoking patio. Rowse says Cheeky’s supplies matches and ashtrays with the store’s branding, and signs within the space that note it’s in partnership with the cannabis store. 

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