Manitobans still waiting for right to grow cannabis at home

| David Brown

Although Manitoba recently passed legislation to allow people to grow cannabis at home, they could be waiting several months before the law actually comes into force. 

A source with the Manitoba government tells StratCann that the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Manitoba are currently formulating legislation with the LGCA that will allow people in the province to grow up to four cannabis plants at home, and expects that this will be in place “within the next six months”. 

The bill was passed on June 3, but the specific details of the law are still unknown.

Bill 34, The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Amendment Act, which repealed Manitoba’s ban on growing up to four cannabis plants at home, passed on June 3, but the specific details of the new law are still unknown.

A media representative with the Manitoba government tells StratCann via email that no information on the new law is currently available due to a media blackout related to a current bylaw election, but says the bill itself has not yet received Royal Assent. Government documents online, however, do show it received royal assent on June 4. This does not mean the law is in effect, though. 

Jesse Lavoie, who spearheaded a lawsuit targeting Manitoba’s home grow ban, but says he would be disappointed by a long delay in implementing the law.

“We appreciate the progressive update to our archaic homegrown prohibition,” Lavoie tells StratCann. “Implanting this policy immediately will allow Manitobans to take advantage of the summer and grow as nature intended, in the sunshine. Any delay just means our status as second class citizens compared to the rest of Canada persists.”

Lavoie’s organization, TobaGrown, has now suspended their lawsuit following the government’s move to repeal the home grow ban, but he says they can still move forward with the lawsuit if the law takes too long to implement.