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BZAM brought in $1.6 million in profit in Q3 2023

BZAM Ltd. reported its third-quarter financial results for 2023 posting $21 million in revenue, with $1.6 million in direct gross profit. 

OCS announces first round of Social Impact Fund partnerships

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BZAM Ltd., a Canadian cannabis company with facilities in BC and Ontario, reported its third-quarter financial results for 2023. The company posted $21 million in…

Cronos enters into deal to sell, leaseback Peace Naturals Campus

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Cronos Group Inc. says it has entered into an agreement to sell and lease back its Stayner, Ontario facility known as the “Peace Naturals Campus.”

CBSA seize second shipment of Canadian cannabis heading to Caribbean

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Canada Border Services Agents in Nova Scotia have again seized a large quantity of suspected cannabis on its way to the Caribbean in October.

Cannabis sales declined in September

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Retail cannabis sales in Canada declined 4.9% in September, from a high of $589 million to $560 million, although sales continue to increase annually.

Cannabis company working to preserve Lasqueti Island’s unique cannabis culture

A micro cultivator and processor is working to keep the cannabis culture alive on BC’s Lasqueti Island.

New study suggests cannabis users may have greater “emotional comprehension”

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A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience earlier this month found that cannabis users have greater emotional comprehension, a form of cognitive empathy.

PEI sold nearly $23 million worth of cannabis in 2022-23

PEI sold nearly $23 million worth of cannabis, the equivalent of 4,094 kg, in the 2022-23 fiscal year period from April 1, 2022, to March…

Toronto city councillor asking Ontario where additional promised cannabis tax revenue went

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A Toronto city councillor wants to know why Ontario has not shared the additional promised tax revenue from cannabis sales with the city.

SQDC sold more than $150 million worth of cannabis this summer

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Quebec brought in $61.4 million from cannabis sales and taxes in the second quarter of this year from $151.7 million in sales.

Health Canada collected $60 million in cannabis fees in past year

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BZAM Ltd., a Canadian cannabis company with facilities in BC and Ontario, reported its third-quarter financial results for 2023. The company posted $21 million in…

Strike at dozens of SQDC stores now coming to an end

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A strike that had impacted dozens of cannabis stores in Quebec for more than a year is coming to an end. 

Canopy Growth operating at less of a loss than a year ago

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Canopy Growth brought in $39 million from its Canadian cannabis businesses in the past three months, down from $52 million in the same quarter in…

Strike at SQDC locations could be ending soon

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A strike that has been affecting 24 SQDC cannabis retail outlets across Quebec could be ending soon, says the union behind the action. 

Aurora Cannabis’ growth buoyed by increased medical exports, cut flower business

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Aurora Cannabis is seeing an increase in sales of cannabis for medical purposes, buoyed by export markets, as well as a decline in sales in…

Nova Cannabis sees increasing revenue from data licensing, private label partnerships

Nova Cannabis Inc., a retail chain with 92 locations in three provinces, says it’s beginning to see consistent green on its spreadsheet through market stabilization,…

Global tobacco giant ups investment in Canadian cannabis producer Organigram

British American Tobacco (BAT) announced today that it will invest nearly $125 million into New Brunswick’s Organigram and more than doubling its equity position in…

Cannabis sales continue to grow across Canada

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Cannabis sales continue to climb in Canada, with more than $460 million sold by the 3,600+ cannabis retailers nationwide. 

University of Alberta researchers exploring cannabis use for relief of menopause discomfort

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A study released earlier this year by researchers from the University of Alberta examined cannabis use for relief from discomfort associated with menopause. 

Canadian producers still sitting on more than 1 million kg of dried cannabis

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Cannabis producers in Canada are sitting on more than one million kilograms of unsold cannabis, a number that has remained relatively stable since September 2020.

Data presented by Health Canada indicate cannabis exports may continue growing

Health Canada expects cannabis exports to continue to increase significantly, with more than a thousand applications already submitted as of September 12, 2023.

Cannabis sales continue to increase in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia saw an 8.7 percent increase in cannabis sales in its second quarter of 2023, to $31.4 million.

Health Canada announces changes to sale authorization of cannabis products to processing licences

Health Canada announced changes to the process of adding sale authorization of cannabis products to processing licences.

Five years into legalization, cannabis industry reaches saturation point as legal weed takes more than 70% market share

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Five years into legalizing cannabis in Canada, the industry appears to be beginning to reach a saturation point.

The long road to crafting the perfect crop, with Alberta’s Wildwood Weed

Licensed in late 2022, Alberta’s Wildwood Weed is finally ready to bring its first crop to market, launching in Saskatchewan in November. 

Canada releases What We Heard Report on the Cannabis Act review

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Health Canada has released their What We Heard Report on the ongoing legislative review of the Cannabis Act.

Growing Relationships – Manitoba Agenda

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Event details for our Growing Relationships Manitoba attendees.

Cannabis farm leads Kitchener RCMP to large drug bust, six arrests

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The RCMP in Kitchener, Ontario say the discovery of thousands of cannabis plants led to the seizure of several other controlled substances and guns, and…

Emblem recalls CBD vape pen for inaccurately labelled CBD

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The recall is for one lot of Emblem Cannabis’ Divvy Nebula II CBD 510 Vape Cartridge, sold through authorized retailers in Ontario and Manitoba.


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Launched in 2020, CertiCraft is a seed-to-sale solution for licensed cannabis producers who want to streamline operations and save hours on monthly reporting. 

Unlicensed cannabis store in Saint John raided, one arrested

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Officers with New Brunswick’s Department of Justice and Public Safety seized contraband cannabis and various illegal products from a storefront in Saint John on September…

BC’s Life Cycle Botanics on what it means to be a full-service cannabis nursery

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Utilizing a big picture, “holistic” approach to genetic selection and supply, Life Cycle launched in October 2021 and has quickly established itself as one of…

Updated: OCS issues recall for two cannabis products for incorrect THC

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The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has issued a recall for two cannabis products this week for incorrect THC values.

2023 Vancouver Island Farm Tour – itinerary

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Details and updates for attendees of the September 30, 2023 Vancouver Island Farm Tour.

Cities in BC still asking for their share of cannabis tax

In a resolution to be considered at this week’s annual Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention, the government of Port Moody, with support from the…

BZAM cuts more than 90 personnel as company refocusses to two production sites

The company also says it is “focusing the scope of activities” at its facility in Pitt Meadows, BC facility and “concentrating other activities at its…

High Tide announces new consumer-facing digital magazine

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High Tide, owner of a chain of cannabis stores across Canada, is launching a new consumer-facing digital magazine.

Manitoba Liberal Party wants to target black market cannabis

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The Manitoba Liberal Party is including cracking down on illicit online cannabis sales as part of its platform in the lead-up to the provincial election…

Listening to legacy experts and understanding cannabis consumers the key to company’s success

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One of Canada’s leading cannabis producers, Adastra Holdings, attributes its success to identifying and addressing gaps within the industry. 

Hidden Harvest Inc. and Remix Genetics collaborate to introduce seedless cannabis genetics to the Maritimes

Hidden Harvest Inc. and Remix Genetics are teaming up to bring “seedless” cannabis cultivars to the Maritime provinces.

Two cannabis stores in New Brunswick raided, three arrested

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Department of Justice and Public Safety peace officers in New Brunswick recently seized cannabis products, psilocybin, contraband cigarettes, and cash from two locations in the…

RCMP considering changes to cannabis policy for some employees

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The RCMP is considering changing its policy that currently requires many employees, including front-line officers, to refrain from consuming cannabis for four weeks prior to…

Substance Law

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Substance Law began in June 2018, offers services for cannabis clients across Canada with a focus on the Ontario retail cannabis market.

Large shipment of Canadian cannabis seized in the Netherlands

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More than 1,000 kilograms of cannabis shipped from Canada was recently seized in the Netherlands.

Reminder: Some of Health Canada’s COVID-19-related “flexibilities” expire Sept 30

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Health Canada is reminding federal cannabis licence holders that some covid-related “flexibilities” will end September 30, while others will continue. 

Cannabis sales continue to increase in Nova Scotia, with local products now more than 30% of sales

Nova Scotia sold $29.1 million worth of cannabis in its first quarter of 2023, from April 1, 2023-July 2, 2023.

Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo is in Toronto, September 12-15

Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo is the first cannabis conference brought to you by Canadian retailers, delivering four full days of immersive training and education, a…

UBC opens new Biology of Cannabis course

The University of British Columbia Vancouver campus is launching a new Biology of Cannabis course this year, starting in January 2024. 

BC cannabis sales increase as prices continue to drop

Cannabis sales continue to increase as prices continue to drop in BC, according to a new wholesale quarterly report for April to June, 2023.

Canadian retail cannabis sales passed $420m in June 2023

Cannabis sales in Canada passed the 420 million mark again in June, following a slight decline after the Christmas shopping season.

Updated: Arsonist sets Canna Cabana locations on fire at around 4:20 am

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Two Canna Cabana cannabis stores in Burlington, Ontario were the targets of arson early in the morning on August 22

Canopy Growth enters into an agreement for the sale of Hershey Drive facility in Smiths Falls

Canopy Growth says it has entered into an agreement to sell its Hershey Drive facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario, back to Hershey.

Ontario projects $463 million in revenue from cannabis sales, taxes for 2023-24

The Ontario government expects to bring in $269 million from its portion of the federal cannabis excise duty for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Veterans Affairs Canada paid for more than $167 million worth of cannabis in 2022-2023

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Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) paid for more than $167 million worth of cannabis in 2022-2023, or the equivalent of more than 21 thousand kg going…

Australian Greens introduce their Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023

The Australian Greens tabled a bill to legalize cannabis on Friday, August 10 – the Greens Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023.

International medical cannabis market driving Aurora’s cannabis sales

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The Canadian cannabis producer shared the numbers as part of its most recent fiscal 2024 first quarter results ​​on August 10.

Organigram’s application for judicial review of edible extracts ruling approved

A judge has approved Organigram’s application for judicial review of Health Canada’s decision that Jolt’s “ingestible extracts” were in contravention of the federal Cannabis Regulations.

Cronos closing cannabis fermentation facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cronos Group says it will be winding down its cannabinoid “Fermentation facility” in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with intentions to list the facility for sale.

Activation Laboratories Ltd. (Actlabs)

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Founded in 1987, Actlabs offers analytical testing services for the cannabis industry out of their 200,000 sq ft. headquarters in Ontario.

Week in Weed – August 5, 2023

It’s been yet another very busy week in cannabis news. Here’s your headline summary for the week ending August 5, 2023.

North Vancouver Cannabis Education Expo

The North Vancouver Cannabis Education Expo takes place from 11am-7pm on Saturday, August 26th, at the aptly-named North Vancouver Shipyards “Pipe Shop” venue.

Stats Canada says some cannabis users are one toke over the line 

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A new study from Statistics Canada has found that 1 in 20 Canadians who had consumed cannabis in the past year were at risk for…

US study calls into question accuracy of field sobriety tests for cannabis

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Results of a California study question the accuracy of field sobriety tests from law enforcement officers in detecting THC impairment.

UBC and Aurora Cannabis looking at developing better outdoor cultivars for Canada

A researcher at UBCs Biodiversity Research Centre is teaming up with a geneticist at Aurora Cannabis to adapt cannabis for outdoor production.

Week in Weed – July 29, 2023

This week in weed has been a busy one, including Mastercard in the US telling payment companies to stop allowing US customers to buy cannabis…

Nominations now open for Grow Up’s Awards Gala

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Grow Up Awards Gala, set to take place in Victoria, BC, in early October. 

Aurora Cannabis closes sale of Sun facility

Aurora Cannabis has closed the sale of its Medicine Hat, Alberta facility to Bevo Farms, a subsidiary of Bevo Agtech Inc.

Week in Weed – July 22, 2023

The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 22, 2023.

Week in Weed – July 15, 2023

The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 15, 2023.

Health Canada to begin testing of legal, illegal cannabis

Health Canada is launching a new data-gathering program on cannabis markets in Canada that will include sampling and testing of both legal and illegal products…

Week in weed – July 8, 2023

| Staff |
The weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 8, 2023.

Manitoba micro cultivator part of criminal investigation, property seizure

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A man connected to a recently-licensed micro cultivator in Manitoba is part of an ongoing case relating to the illicit production, sale, and distribution of…

Ontario man pleads guilty to smuggling cannabis into US by helicopter

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The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York says that 28 year old Raminderjit Assi of Hamilton, Ontario, along with a…

Researchers investigate pre-roll grind bioavailability

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A group of researchers in Vancouver are trying to help cannabis pre-roll manufacturers better understand the most effective and efficient particle size for ground cannabis…

Study finds room for improvement in Canadian QA/QC standards

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Researchers from the University of Ottawa examined the role that quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) play in both ensuring the safety of cannabis…

Week in weed – July 1, 2023

Your weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending July 1, 2023.

Toronto Police arrest man in connection with violent cannabis store robbery

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Toronto Police have arrested a man in connection with an armed cannabis store robbery that occurred on June 21. 

BC’s Tantalus Labs lays off majority of workforce as it files for restructuring

Tantalus Labs, a BC-based cannabis grower first licensed in 2017, has announced it’s closing up shop, filed a Notice of Intent for Restructuring in Canadian…

Cannabis sales continue to grow in Canada, as cannabis flower prices appear to bottom out

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A new report from US-based Headset looks at the evolution of the legal cannabis market over the four and a half years of legalization. 

Kootenay cannabis and music festival enters its sixth year

The 6th annual Unicorn Music Festival, takes place August 11-14 in the Kootenay, BC region, featuring arts, performance, camping and cannabis.

SQDC announces new interim president and CEO

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The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) will have a new interim President and Chief Executive Officer as of June 26, 2023, as the agency begins…

BC entrepreneur brings an array of experience to local cannabis industry

Michael Forbes brings his experience in medicine, business management, production, and retail to the cannabis market.

More than $100 million of cannabis sold in Nova Scotia last year 

Nova Scotia sold $111.1 million of cannabis in fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, an increase of 9% compared to the previous year.

Newfoundland sold more than $70 million worth of cannabis in the last year

Newfoundland sold more than $70 million worth of cannabis in the last year, according to Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC) Q4 and Fiscal Year…

Cannabis NB issues RFP for storage and distribution

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Cannabis New Brunswick has posted an RFP for a third-party logistics provider to handle storage and distribution services in the province. 

Lost American arrested at Canadian border with 181 kg of cannabis and over half a million in cash

| Staff |
BZAM Ltd., a Canadian cannabis company with facilities in BC and Ontario, reported its third-quarter financial results for 2023. The company posted $21 million in…

Cannabis consumers in Canada are willing to pay more for quality, but are still focused on high THC

A recent study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs examined cannabis consumer preferences as they relate to choosing where and what to…

Competition Bureau calls for more THC for edibles, more standardization among provinces

Canada’s Competition Bureau is recommending the government make several changes to cannabis regulations to make the industry more viable for legal business.

Updated: OCS recalls mint CBD spray for being an unlicensed prescription drug

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The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has issued a recall for Feather brand’s Dream Mint CBD Rapid Spray from Motif Labs Ltd.

Lift Expo’s evolution in the Canadian cannabis landscape

Lift Expo returns to Toronto on June 1-3, continuing to build momentum with its redesigned event to meet the needs of today’s industry.
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