OGEN initiates sale of brand, intellectual property, product line, genetics

| Staff

OGEN, a cannabis company that recently announced it was shutting down, has initiated the sale of its brand, intellectual property, product line, and genetics.

The sale, announced on January 16, 2024, includes OGEN’s fully trademarked brand, IP assets, marketing plans, campaigns, and social media accounts. The sale is being facilitated by the Canadian Cannabis Exchange (“CCX”).

The sale also includes 77 SKUs sold in eight provinces, including pre-rolls, dried flower, and milled flower, in a range of packaging configurations. 

The selection also includes 13 cannabis cultivars for sale that Ogen says were developed through a 5-year pheno-hunting process and are supported by a collection of “historical potency results, rooted clones, and seeds.” 

For all inquiries about the sale, contact CCX here.

OGEN announced it was closing its doors in November 2023. Darren Brisebois, President of OGEN Cannabis, told StratCann that high taxes and regulatory fees combined with low margins meant the end of the road for the Alberta producer. 

Brisebois says the decision to close was not his; it was at the discretion of their lenders as well as pressures from the CRA.

The company, he said, which had to let nearly ninety employees go after hearing the news of receivership from their lender, had around 25,000 cannabis plants at various stages of production that had been scheduled for destruction. 

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