36 kg of cannabis from Toronto intercepted at Dublin Airport

| Staff

Officers from Irish Revenue and Customs seized 36 kg of cannabis on March 2, arresting a man in his 20s who arrived on a flight to Dublin Airport from Toronto. 

Irish authorities say the cannabis is worth  €720,000, or over $1 million Canadian, which would be about $29 a gram Canadian. 

Such seizures are not uncommon. The same airport has shared several other similar interceptions of cannabis in recent days and weeks from Spain, Thailand, and the US. 

Last December, Revenue officers at the Dublin airport stopped and searched the baggage of another passenger who had disembarked from a flight from Toronto, Canada, discovering 14kg of cannabis, valuing it at about $30,000 per kg. The high prices must be a motivation because in November, 185 kg of cannabis sent from Canada was intercepted by a dog named Maggie at the Dublin Airport, and a Canadian man was caught with cannabis worth €700k in Dublin airport in August.