ALCannTrace provides streamlined seed-to-sale record keeping for the cannabis industry

| Staff

ALCannTrace is a web-based seed-to-sale record-keeping software solution with a medical e-commerce option that has been developed specifically for Canadian cannabis license holders.

The ALCannTrace development team has relied on feedback from the industry to determine what features are essential to ensure compliance with the regs, and what would be “nice to haves.” Jian Song, founder of ALink Computer Systems, says, “We’ve built a system that meets all the regulatory requirements and is still easy to understand, without excessive data entry requirements.”  

ALink Computer Solutions was founded to create a custom data management system for the precise needs of A&L Canada Labs.  ALCannTrace was developed when A&L’s cannabis clients asked for record-keeping software that was less complicated and more cost-effective than what was available at the time. 

ALink’s strategic partnership with A&L Canada Labs provides additional advantages to our customers by combining our experience with A&L’s deep understanding and experience assisting license holders with all their cannabis growing and testing needs.

While A&L customers gain added advantages, ALCannTrace is accessible to all, regardless of lab affiliation. So, even if you’re working with another lab, ALCannTrace remains a valuable record-keeping solution.

ALink’s newly launched medical e-commerce platform is also specifically designed for the Canadian cannabis marketplace, helping to simplify patient registration, implement prescription limits, and ensure regulatory compliance.

The platform offers customizable pricing structures for consumers and retail customers that consider provincial rate variations. In addition, real-time shipping rates help strengthen transparency. It includes a robust CMS for efficient site content management, allowing users to maintain a dynamic and responsive online presence.

Designed to evolve with industry dynamics, the ALCannTrace brand separates itself from the competition through its user-friendly interface, scalability, and seamless integration with existing systems.

“We’re aware of the specific challenges faced by cannabis producers in Canada, and as the industry evolves around the globe, we’re there with a proven, reliable, and adaptable solution.”

Larry Kropf, ALink’s Director of Marketing, has been working in the industry since the days of the MMAR. Kropf says he understands the unique requirements of compliance solutions that are built with and can adapt to the ever-changing nuances of the regulations. 

“ALCannTrace supports our clients by offering cost-effective software solutions as nobody needs another hand in their pocket in this challenging terrain.

“As licence holders prioritize core strengths and build their business models around what they do best, ALCannTrace can adapt its features to only what’s needed by the client. Our software evolves in tandem with industry trends to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

“Our team at ALink is not just about delivering software; it’s about crafting tailored solutions that go hand-in-hand with our client’s needs. We pride ourselves on our team of experts who are not only proficient in the latest technologies but also deeply understand the nuances of the industries we serve. Our commitment extends beyond providing cutting-edge platforms like ALCannTrace; it’s about fostering partnerships, staying agile in a rapidly evolving landscape, and ensuring our clients are equipped with forward-thinking solutions to thrive in the Cannabis industry. We love understanding your needs and crafting a tailored solution that suits your best interests!”

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