Peers Cannabis’ Giggly Bits Sativa recalled due to minor labelling error

| Staff

Acreage Pharms has recalled its Giggly Bits Sativa sold under the Peers Cannabis brand due to a labelling error. 

The product is a 28 gram SKU January 16th, 2024 under UPC# 00628242301640. The recall is for the Ontario and Saskatchewan markets.

The voluntary recall was due to an errant decimal point and was initially only shared by the OCS on March 20. The product labelled showed 1.4mg.g THC instead of the accurate amount of 14 mg/g.

Health Canada then posted their own recall notice on March 27, which noticed that to date, Sirona Pharma Inc. (Acreage Pharms) has received three complaints regarding the recalled lot, none of which involved an adverse reaction. Health Canada says it has not received any complaints regarding the recalled lot. Neither Health Canada nor Sirona Pharma Inc. have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lot.

There were 1,068 units of recalled product sold into Ontario and Saskatchewan from January 16 to March 18, 2024.

Acreage Pharms is an Alberta-based cannabis producer.

Labelling errors are the most common reason for cannabis product recalls in Canada, and the process can be costly for producers.

Note: This article was updated on March 27 to include information from Health Canada.

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