Auxly recalls one lot of Mandarin Cookies in Manitoba due to minor labelling error

| Staff

Auxly Ottawa has recalled one lot of its Back Forty Sativa Mandarin Cookies dried cannabis, sold in Manitoba, due to a labelling and packaging error. 

The printed value on the label of the 3.5 gram SKU was 5.0 mg/g THC and 292.2 mg/g total THC. The actual values are 4.6 mg/g THC and 252.7 mg/g Total THC.

To date, Auxly Ottawa Inc. and Health Canada have not received any complaints related to the recalled lot, nor has Health Canada or Auxly Ottawa Inc. received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lot.

There were 571 units of recalled product sold in the Manitoba market from November 10 to November 21, 2023.

Health Canada says consumers should verify whether their product is affected and contact the store where it was purchased if they wish to return the product. Labelling errors are the most common reason for cannabis recalls in Canada. Health Canada has issued more than a dozen recalls for cannabis products so far in 2023, mostly relating to inaccurately labelled THC and CBD levels.

One of Auxly Ottawa’s two licences was listed as Revoked on Request by Health Canada in November.