Week in Weed – June 1, 2024

| Staff

This past week, StratCann spoke with the owner of Nunavut’s second cannabis store and looked at a growing number of cannabis workers who have joined unions. Also, the Alberta government announced it will be researching the impact of legalization on the province’s youth.

BC’s T’iitsk’in Spirit Ventures are reviving production at the former CannTrust facility in Ontario, a bumbling break-in at a West Kelowna cannabis store was captured on video, and Ontario retail chain Shiny Bud filed a notice of intention to make a proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

A recent study in Ontario looking at the effects of edible cannabis on simulated driving and blood THC levels found that driving impairment was not correlated with blood THC

As part of our in-depth Insight series, we looked at a better way of measuring THC in cannabis. 

Canopy continues to lose money, but less than before. AgriCann Solutions Corp., the parent company of Newline Ventures Inc., a micro cultivator and processor located in Vernon, BC, continues to struggle.       

Decibel reported a net loss and declining revenue in a new quarterly report. Nextleaf Solutions reported a $1 million loss in the first three months of 2024. Simply Solventless reported its seventh consecutive quarter of positive EBITDA.

In BC, illicit cannabis distribution has led to a forfeiture order related to two properties.

In other cannabis news this past week

MP Patrick Weiler presented a petition in the House of Commons on May 30 from NORML Canada to raise the THC limit for edibles. Weiler was the sponsor of the petition.

Councillors in Centre Wellington, Ontario, again declined to allow cannabis stores in their township, citing concerns with their ability to manage locations, as well as some standard reefer madness.

A federal labour arbitrator has given Air Canada the green light to test a strand of a flight attendant’s hair for cannabis after two of the man’s housemates and fellow employees claimed he was smoking a bong and making jokes about hijacking.

A retail cannabis licensee who had their application denied by the Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Board had their request for a stay of the retail licence allocation process overseen by the Board denied by a federal judge. The Board rejected the application on the basis that “the Declaration of a Natural Person [he] filed in support of [his] pre-eligibility application did not accurately reflect [his] close personal or business relationship to other applicants.”

Village Farms International, Inc., the parent company of Pure Sunfarms, announced it has increased its ownership of Quebec-based Rose LifeScience Inc. by 10% to hold an 80% interest. 

Ghost Drops announced a partnership with SOMAÍ Group, an EU-GMP European biotech company with international distribution channels for cannabinoids

Organigram signed a three-year supply agreement with Avida Medical in the UK. Over a three-year period, Organigram says it plans to supply 1,700 kilograms of medical cannabis flower to Avida Medical, with 500 kilograms expected to be delivered in the first year of the agreement.  

Foreign Policy Magazine did an in-depth look at the Canadian cannabis industry and the recent expert panel report on the Cannabis Act.

A study in Alberta found an increase in hospitalization rates among younger adults (18-24) before legalization, yet no increased risk was associated with cannabis legalization for either younger (18-24) or older adults (25+).

Researchers in Canada, led by Lynda G. Balneaves, published a case study on cannabis use in a Canadian long-term care facility.

Researchers in Ontario published a paper called Geographic clustering of cannabis stores in Canadian cities: A spatial analysis of the legal cannabis market 4 years post-legalisation. Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, had the most extreme clustering where neighbourhoods in clusters had a median of 10 stores (and a maximum of 25 stores) within 1000 m.       

Paul Mahon, the editor-in-chief of Ontario Farmer, wrote about the effect cannabis revenue figures have had on total farm cash receipts in Canada, leading to aggressively skewed figures.

Several Canadian companies will be taking part in the KCSA Cannabis Virtual Investor Conference Tuesday, June 29–Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

And finally, Denton’s ran a helpful breakdown of the US cannabis rescheduling process and the controversy around a Farm Bill amendment that would effectively ban Delta-8, Delta-9, and THCA.