Toronto area cannabis store forced to print out entire script of Shrek on customer receipt

| Staff

A prankster forced a Toronto cannabis dispensary to print out the entire script of Shrek last month, something the retailer’s e-commerce provider says they quickly took measures to prevent in the future. 

A video shared online in December shows an incredibly long receipt being printed at a cannabis store and then later displayed on a wall.

The short video first references a group chat where the video was shared among what appears to be employees of a cannabis store in York. The customer purchased a single vape cart before pasting all the words from the first Shrek movie into the comments section in their order form, leading to the printing incident. 

A representative with Dutchie, the technology platform that provides the e-commerce system used by the cannabis store in question, confirmed with StratCann that they quickly took measures to prevent anyone from doing something similar in the future.