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314 Pure Cannabis engaged in a Sales Process

314 Pure Cannabis, a cultivation and hydroponic growing cannabis facility located in Alberta, is engaged in a Sales Process.

Formerly dry municipalities put dispensaries in industrial zones to test the waters

Municipalities that reversed their ban on cannabis dispensaries have used industrial zones as a testing ground for their first store, and two owners offered differing…

Radicle Femmes celebrates women in cannabis on March 8

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Unite & celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women in the cannabis industry with Radicle Femmes in Toronto on March 8th, 2024. Sponsored by the OCS,…

BC has a long way to go create a thriving cannabis industry

BC, the once notorious province could get some of its edge back by letting people enjoy cannabis together in public, just like you would consume…

Tether’s sampling event comes to Vancouver on January 24

Tether announces its first-ever Vancouver Sampling Event in collaboration with The Entourage Co., providing an educational and immersive experience.

Could “deli style” options address THC inflation concerns?

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Op-Ed: After 9.5 years of purchasing cannabis from Canadian Licensed Producers, one thing has remained stubbornly constant: inconsistencies and a high probability of disappointment when…

The Good Weed Board, part five

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Part five of the Good Weed Board, showcasing Canada’s best dried flower products.

Cultivate organic cannabis with living soil

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Nutrient diversity fuels the biosynthesis of complex compounds like terpenes and flavonoids that contribute to cannabis quality.

Engaging budtenders for long-term sustainability

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Regulatory guidelines have clamped down on some of the most obvious means of brand differentiation. What’s not limited is brand building.

Canadian exports—Global medical cannabis markets

With Canadian cannabis exports surging, it’s a good time to become one of the only privately held EU-GMP facilities in Canada.

Cannabis Council of Canada calls for regulatory changes on fifth anniversary of legalization

The Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) is calling the cannabis community to Ottawa to commemorate the fifth anniversary of cannabis legalization in Canada and appeal…

Five years of Cannabis NB: Reflecting on the journey and envisioning the future

On October 17, Cannabis NB celebrates its five-year anniversary and five years of cannabis legalization in Canada.

Tether’s Holiday Showcase strengthens bond between cannabis brands and budtenders

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Tether’s Holiday Showcase takes place at Millworks Creative Studios in Dundas, ON, on November 1, bringing traditional holiday PR tactics to the cannabis industry.

Wabi Sabi Brands Ltd. engaged in a Sales Process

Wabi Sabi, a fully-equipped chocolate cannabis edibles production facility in Calgary, is engaged in a Sales Process.

Four ways to solve the potency inflation problem

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A deep dive into potency inflation, symptomatic of a lack of universal standards in an industry that is only 5 years old.

Dried flower price outline August 2023

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A comprehensive analysis exploring average whole-flower product prices between January 2021 to August 2023.

Cumberland cannabis retailer working towards community consumption space

Nestled in the heart of Cumberland, BC, Trugreen Cannabis is pioneering a project that promises to transform the landscape of cannabis consumption spaces.

STU Farms investment opportunity

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STU Farms, located in Ontario, is an investment opportunity for cannabis cultivation solutions.

The case for government to help fund cannabis emissions testing

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Unless Health Canada crafts new regulations, it’s up to LPs and scientists to pioneer work in the area of emissions testing, which requires a major…

CanMar introduces a new program for budtenders

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CanMar, a Canadian cannabis recruitment company, recently launched Level Up a comprehensive program that equips budtenders with the essential knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to…

Canadian cannabis companies increasingly exploring export market

Canadian licensed producers might be enduring an oversupply and price compression challenge domestically, but troubles within the country’s borders aren’t swaying LPs from looking overseas…

Dynaleo Inc, Dynaleo Group Services Inc. filed a Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal

Dynaleo, a premier cannabis edibles facility located in AB, investment or acquisition opportunity.

The Good Weed Board, part four

Part four of the Good Weed Board, showcasing Canada’s best dried flower products.

Labstat International

Established in 1976 and emerging as the largest independent third party testing company of nicotine containing products in the world, Labstat International began providing analytical…

THC Testing—What it says vs What it is

We’ve spent decades trying to maximize THC—we even discovered that stressing out unpollinated female flowers gives us the best buzz and, presumably, the most THC…

Challenges for some small producers shipping products to provinces

Cannabis producers outside of Ontario are trying to make shipping to the Ontario Cannabis Store work for them, although high costs to ship small-batch orders…

The Good Weed Board, part three

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In part three, I showcase four more products from the Good Weed Board. I also speculate about why good weed is so hard to find…

The importance of safe cannabis purchase and consumption 

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SOLICITATION FOR OFFERS On January 11, 2024, Harris & Partners Inc. was appointed as the receiver (the “Receiver”) of all the assets, undertaking and properties…

The Good Weed Board, part two

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Welcome back to the Good Weed Board! In Part One, we discovered some of the first regulated dried flower products for sale in Canada that…

SugarBud Craft Growers Corp., Trichome Holdings Corp., and 1800905 Alberta Ltd file a Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal

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SOLICITATION FOR OFFERS On January 11, 2024, Harris & Partners Inc. was appointed as the receiver (the “Receiver”) of all the assets, undertaking and properties…

Better Cones Are Possible

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Are pre-rolled cones really that complicated? Yes and no. On the one hand, we all know what we want out of a cone. There are…

App seeks to shed light on cannabis supply chain

Cropsify, a seed-to-sale software company located in BC, is helping Canadian cannabis producers tell their story while giving consumers a chance to tell retailers what…

The Good Weed Board, part one

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Regulated cannabis is an entirely different beast. Instead of Growers and Dealers, we have Producers and Retailers. It’s not a person-to-person type of game anymore….

Why is it so hard to scale cannabis production?

| Contributor |
What happens when the elephant in the room is the room itself? That question for investors in Aurora Cannabis was finally answered with news this…

Growing cannabis: Debunking the light leak myth

| Contributor |
For those of us who are prepared to replace cannabis mythology with plant science, there are opportunities to improve yields by better understanding our plants’…

Of myrcene and mango: Questioning the entourage effect

| Contributor |
Mango and myrcene in particular have become so intertwined, their purported effects are so myriad in popular cannabis culture as to be bioequivalent. 

Trygg Collective

TRYGG Collective wants to establish a trusted co-packing solution for cannabis micro-cultivators bringing their products to market. 

Lift&Co. Expo powers through challenges to serve Canada’s cannabis community

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Running an event company over the past few years hasn’t been easy, but Shawn Pierce, President of Lift&Co. Expo producer MCI Events, says he’s excited…

Canadian Cannabis Copacking Group joint venture

| Contributor |
Canadian Cannabis Copacking Group Ltd., a packaging technology services company, has recently formed a joint venture for the purposes of contract manufacturing and copacking services…

Lift&Co Expo – Toronto 2022

| Contributor |
The Lift&Co cannabis conference and trade show returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, May 12-15, 2022, complete with signature surprises and a-ha! moments.

Everest Craft Family – a unique cost-saving solution for Canadian cultivators

Everest Craft JV Partnership will provide radical cost-saving solutions for craft cannabis growers without processing licenses.

Assessing the quantity and viability of cannabis pollen for breeding programs

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A Swiss/German group published a method that can be used to measure the quantity and viability of Cannabis sativa pollen. This method could be useful to…

Museum exhibit in Nelson celebrates history of cannabis in the Kootenays

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The Museum of Art and History in Nelson, BC opened its cannabis exhibit on Friday, November 26.  Titled The Grow Show, curator Arin Fay said…

Cannabis cultivators and Canada’s farm programs

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In 2018, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership signalled that cannabis cultivators would be eligible from the federal government side to receive support for innovation in farming practices…

Lift & Co. Expo 2021 tops expectations in the cannabis and psychedelics industries

| Contributor |
That’s a wrap on Lift & Co. Expo 2021. This year was something really special for the four-day cannabis and psychedelics conference and trade show,…

Wholesale dried flower prices rebound following summer sell-off

| Contributor |
The average price of wholesale cannabis rebounded in October, following a dip in August and September, as the gap in pricing between high and low…

Lift & Co. Expo returns to Toronto November 18-21, 2021

| Contributor |
Lift & Co. Expo will make it’s return to Ontario this November 18-21, 2021 at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. StratCann is pleased to announce…

Genetic authentication of cannabis cultivars 

| Contributor |
There is a considerable lack of consistency in variety or strain names, and few universally adopted standards for testing in the legal cannabis industry today….

Cannabis excise tax. Who cares?

| Contributor |
Why should Canadian Cannabis Consumers care about the current cannabis excise tax regime?  Canadian’s already pay taxes on most products they purchase, why would cannabis…

The Cannabis Society’s Business Conference – Sept 21

| Contributor |
The Cannabis Society’s Business Conference on September 21st delivers both the European Medical Conference plus the MSO Growth and Consolidation Conference.

Franklin Enclosures

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A Canadian company focusing on custom-built, fully sealed indoor growing & processing rooms, Franklin Enclosures offers commercial-scale buildings that satisfy Health Canada licensing and GPP…

Cannabis farmgate across Canada

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At this stage, cannabis farmgate retail is more of an evolving business model than a regulatory reality. Judging from applicable regulations, reports, and conversations with…

La SQDC passe au crible

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SOLICITATION FOR OFFERS On January 11, 2024, Harris & Partners Inc. was appointed as the receiver (the “Receiver”) of all the assets, undertaking and properties…

Women in cannabis and psychedelics from around the globe come together at WWC Conference, May 26 & 27

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SOLICITATION FOR OFFERS On January 11, 2024, Harris & Partners Inc. was appointed as the receiver (the “Receiver”) of all the assets, undertaking and properties…

Health Canada and Economic Relief for the Cannabis Industry

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On August 5 Health Canada released a notice that it was deferring the 2020-2021 2.3% annual fee that it charges cannabis license holders for the…

Taima Extracts Inc.

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Taima Extracts Inc. is a cannabis extraction company at the licensing stage with Health Canada, looking to focus on a culture-based, high quality approach to…


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EXKA specializing in the research, innovation and development of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products, niched in the category of advanced technical and scientific services.


| Contributor |
Fondée en 2018 par Maxime Paris, docteur en génétique moléculaire végétale et titulaire d’un MBA en commerce international, EXKA est la première entreprise québécoise spécialisée…

The opportunities and challenges in developing cannabis edibles

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SOLICITATION FOR OFFERS On January 11, 2024, Harris & Partners Inc. was appointed as the receiver (the “Receiver”) of all the assets, undertaking and properties…

Exploring aquaponics with Habitat Craft Cannabis

In situations where farmland or water is limited, and in times where demand for food is high, there are advantages to a system that can…
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