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Cropsify, a seed-to-sale software company located in BC, is helping Canadian cannabis producers tell their story while giving consumers a chance to tell retailers what kinds of products they want to buy.

Cropsify’s Crops Connect aims to shed light on an often murky and confusing supply chain by helping growers and processors highlight their products and helping retailers better understand consumer demand for products that are often at the mercy of provincial distributors.

For cultivators in BC, before they add a product to the Provincial list, they can survey what consumers want by posting it early on in the production stream first; then they, and the retailers, will know what will sell before it’s even on the Provincial list.

Crops Connect will allow consumers to follow a product from propagation, learn about how the cannabis products they enjoy were created, and to follow the product through the app from seed to shelf. Consumers can submit a personal “request” which is transmitted out to the retailers, allowing them to see which production “lots” consumers are most interested in. 

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“What we’ve seen is for those cultivators without a processing license it can be hard for them to get credit for the effort they put into growing and creating the cannabis that’s in the products,” explains Dallas Devam, the company’s founder and CEO.

“Our app helps solve this by including the cultivator’s name and a link back to their story. Even for products like vape pens or gummies, people can go check out how the plants used in those products were grown.”

This, he continues, will not only help better inform consumers about the products, but it can also help them discover other products they may not be aware of. This can assist not only the cultivators but also processors and retailers. 

“By linking back to the cultivator’s story, this can lead consumers to other products and production lots from the same grower where they can request more from the same retailer, or other retailers. Stores don’t even need to have stock for consumers to make a request.”

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This can also help processors and retailers to better understand and respond to ever-evolving consumer demands. 

“For producers and retailers, the procurement process between them and distributors is horrible in some areas,” says Devam. “The app solves this by connecting all partners in the loop where they can all see how many customers are waiting to buy. Then, it’s up to the retailer to get a hold of that lot from the distributor.”

The process of developing the “social media marketplace” has been a long process, he explains. While the base design comes from Cropsify’s regulatory software, building out a robust, dynamic platform that can work with the constantly-changing products and producers in the market required extra fine-tuning. 

But taking the time to build it correctly was worth the wait for Devam, who says he has been processing feedback from his long list of clients utilizing his Cropsify ERP platform for seed-to-sale tracking and reporting.

“What I’ve been hearing from the majority of people in the industry is that the “lot story” is important because cannabis producers want consumers to have full transparency about what went into growing and processing the plants and materials they are enjoying. It’s vital for consumer confidence and loyalty.”

By telling each lot’s story, he adds, the producer also benefits by gaining credibility for being so transparent and providing this level of access to customers. 

Another benefit is having a direct connection to the entire distribution partners chain to end consumers, all while being compliant with provincial and federal marketing regulations.

“Cannabis retailers will benefit by having direct sales leads on production lots so they can plan procurement based on projected sales. As well, their reputation should go up for offering fresher products based on personal customer requests. And there should be no issue with the regulations because the consumer is the only active party in the connected product request; the retailer may act on public knowledge from an aggregated private list to seek out this lot from their distributor.”

“Consumers will benefit by having better information about each lot they purchase. They can request products directly from the producer before or after the plant is harvested, and are more likely to receive fresher product. And, they will have fun with the social media aspects with product ratings and regular social posts.”

Devam is now launching Crops Connect and invites all producers and retailers to get on the app as he unveils the product for the larger market; a “Lot Story” is free to post. Anyone looking to learn more about Cropsify and Crops Connect can contact them at:

Download the App:

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