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It was not so long ago that the perfect cone was a mythical object for cannabis enthusiasts. You heard about it in quiet whispers: there were rumours about someone’s cousin or someone’s friend who could roll a right, clean-burning cone again and again. Few people had ever experienced one for themselves, though. When you tried to roll a cone for yourself, it never came out the way that you had pictured it when you started to break up your green.

Then, innovation happened.

It was no longer necessary to roll a cone by hand, with loose paper and a mouthpiece. Instead, you could get the cone pre-rolled. You never had to do any rolling at all. Because the cone came in its ideal shape, you could stuff your favourite strain inside it. All you ever needed to figure out was what sort of burn you were after, slow or heavy. The era of the pre-roll changed the cone forever. It has been a history-making product. Still, when you go shopping for a pre-rolled cone, it is never smart to grab the first one that you see, even in a pinch. The reality is that for the most part, pre-rolled cones fall short of the high standards we at Jiwa Cones have set for ourselves.

Are pre-rolled cones really that complicated? Yes and no. On the one hand, we all know what we want out of a cone. There are certain things that we can all agree on – factors that we want to see out of every pre-rolled cone. On the other hand, there is a reason that most pre-rolled cones on the market are inferior, and that is because it isn’t easy to do what we have done.

At Jiwa, we have developed a multi-step process that covers everything from the materials to the production to the distribution, focusing on quality in everything we do. Before we get into the Jiwa difference, though, let’s break down just what it is that separates the best cones from all of the other ones.

The burn: it should be neat, without any boating or flaking. The last thing that you want is to get halfway through your cone and realize that you have to toast a chunk of it in order to take a hit. Likewise, the filter should be effective, reducing the harshness of the smoke without affecting the quality of the taste at all. The case should be durable too so that the cone can maintain its shape while it makes its journey from our factory to your head shop or dispensary to your toking spot. You also want minimal flower inside the crutch and a balanced paper grammage, to avoid any tears in the paper. Last but certainly not least, you want a mouthpiece that is comfortable, not too small and not too big.

In each of these ways, Jiwa Cones not only stack up but exceed the other cones on the market. We have done a ton of research into the science and engineering of cones (seriously!), and we can say confidently that from the mouthpiece to the paper to the bud packed inside, these pre-rolls keep their shape, burn consistently, and feel wonderful session after session after session.

As passionate as we are about our cones, this is about much more than getting baked for us. We care about building Jiwa Cones into a meaningful and positive business, which is why we have embraced sustainable and ethical practices. We source only the finest materials for our pre-rolled cones, and on top of that, we are careful about the labour and economic systems around our products. The way that we see it, paper is never simply paper: it is a resource that requires skilled workers, and we treat the workers we employ with the respect they deserve.

Another thing that we do differently is extensive quality assurance. We pay attention to the statistics that we gather about our production methods, to ensure consistent output and low variance in the cone dimensions. These practices lead to outstanding cones, and they also help us to keep our business sustainable, reducing waste to negligible levels.

We describe Jiwa Cones as “an old soul with a young heart.” To us, that means we take pride in our work, embrace the traditions around cones, and continue to look to the future, asking ourselves what else we can do to live up to our responsibilities as a leader in this field. First and foremost, we are always reminding ourselves of you – how you are going to use our cones and what you want to get out of them. That is why we offer such a wide range of sizes and styles, from the pinner dog-walker 60/26 to the party-size 140/26, plus more than a dozen other options in between.

Of course, if you have never smoked a cone before and all of this is brand-new to you, there is also the simplicity of a pre-roll to consider. Jiwa Cones are an excellent choice for seasoned tokers and newbies alike. You can hand-stuff one, after you have broken up your flower or put it through your grinder, or you can run it through a machine. Either way, it is one of the fastest and most relaxing ways to get from your pick-up to your spark-up!

Our pre-rolled cones are in compliance with the FDA and Health Canada. They work with fully automatic filling lines, thanks to our diligent approach to glue lines and consistency in shape and size, but even more crucially, they are free of pesticides and heavy metals. That may not sound too surprising, but here is the thing: many cones cannot say the same. As disgusting as it is, as awful as it sounds, you are very likely to buy a pre-rolled cone and wind up inhaling pesticides and heavy metals every time you take a hit.

Not with Jiwa Cones, though!

Jiwa Cones, which come packaged in our modern packaging so that they look and feel just as they did when they left our factory floor, are superior pre-rolled cones not by accident. Based in Bali, we have taken this business seriously in a way that almost no one else has. We have partnered with other brands that we appreciate and respect, to get our world-class cones out to you. Even though this work has not been easy, it has always been worth it. Any time we hear from one of our customers, about the smooth burn and the fresh taste they have gotten from our cones, we remember why we have started this brand.

It is for you, the pioneers. For the first time in decades, there are millions of people partaking in cannabis legally. We have stood with you throughout this fight to legalize the plant we all love. Now, it’s our pleasure to sit by you too. Think of Jiwa Cones as the other person in your next circle. Don’t worry: you don’t have to pass anything this way. We are content to know that the next time you light up a cone, it is going to be the best cone you have ever tried – a mythical object that you get to enjoy in real-time!

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