Wholesale dried flower prices rebound following summer sell-off

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The average price of wholesale cannabis rebounded in October, following a dip in August and September, as the gap in pricing between high and low THC widens.

The figures, according to monthly data from the Canadian Cannabis Exchange, reflect a rush from producers to sell off product near the end of the summer before final quarterly reports, driving overall pricing down. As that excess slows down, prices are beginning to settle or even rise, depending on THC levels. 

Dried Flower

For dried flower in the 25%+ range, the average settled price* for products purchased on the Exchange dropped from $3.76 in August to $2 a gram in September, rising again to $3.55 in October. Similarly, in the 20-25% THC range, the average price went from $1.88 in August, to $1.52 in September and then rose again to $1.92 in October. 

*Settled Price: The weighted average of all transacted deals in each index in the given period. If no deals were transacted.

In the 15-20% THC range, the price in August and September was $0.10 a gram, rising to just $0.14 a gram in October. For dried flower under 10%, the price dropped from $0.20 a gram in September to just $0.07 in October. 


The settled price for THC distillate raised slightly from $3,500 per kg in August to $3,509 in October, but the price for high CBD distillate dropped from $2,850 in August to $1,782 in October (no settled buys in September). The volume of sales for THC distillate remains higher than that for CBD distillate, reflecting overall consumer demands. As trim prices settle—the most common input for distillate—it’s expected that distillate prices will begin to level off as well. 


Seed prices and sales are expected to remain relatively flat until next spring as seeds are primarily used by large-scale outdoor growers, although as more nurseries and other breeders begin to introduce more stable seed genetics into the market, demand could increase earlier. 

The Canadian Cannabis Exchange is a B2B live trading exchange for cannabis and hemp products in Canada, as well as a data provider of market insight for all stakeholders from growers to processors to distributors and regulators. They issue a monthly pricing report based on hundreds of products listed on their platform. To access October’s full report please contact [email protected] 

This report provided by the Canadian Cannabis Exchange.