Tether’s signature sampling events head to Calgary and Kelowna

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Since legalization, we have seen cannabis events play an integral and multifaceted role in shaping the trajectory of the Canadian cannabis sector. Sampling events, in particular, have grown in popularity, fostering a more informed and empowered industry. 

These educational events provide a unique and cost-effective opportunity for brands to showcase products and unique selling points to those who influence consumer purchasing decisions. For retailers and Budtenders, these events offer a chance to explore new products and understand emerging trends in the market, enabling personalized recommendations to consumers and empowering them to make informed choices about which products to stock.

Ahead of StratCann’s Growing Relationships Events, Tether, a Canadian Budtender community of over 5,000, is breaking into two new markets and bringing its signature sampling events to Calgary, AB and Kelowna, BC.

Tether stands out in the industry for its commitment to learning directly from the source: Budtenders. Through annual surveys reaching over 200 individuals across Canada, Tether diligently gathers insights and feedback from Budtenders, allowing the organization to continuously refine its events and offerings to national brands. 

By harnessing these insights, Tether enables brands to tailor their strategies, products, and messaging to resonate with this influential segment of the cannabis community, ultimately fostering stronger partnerships and driving collective growth within the industry.

Five ways cannabis events strengthen the industry

1. Retailer Engagement

In a sector where sensory experience and product effects play a pivotal role in sales, brand education and product knowledge are essential. At Tether’s upcoming sampling events, brands are afforded a golden opportunity to spotlight their offerings directly to retail buyers.

In Tether’s recent 2023 survey, Budtenders indicated that they want to learn directly from brands, with their primary source of education being through brand ambassadors and LP reps (up 31% from last year).

2. Education Through Sampling

Budtenders are influential individuals and play a crucial role in enhancing the consumer experience. Sampling events provide a channel to get product directly into the hands of Budtenders, enabling them to become valuable brand advocates. 

Tether’s survey results indicate that sampling has become a powerful tool for education, evident in the 15% rise in Budtenders turning to events like those in Calgary and Kelowna for education and seeing over 95% of Budtenders surveyed wanting to try products firsthand. 

Maximizing the potential of educational sampling involves encouraging Budtenders to actively share their insights and experiences through product reviews, feedback surveys, and social media platforms.

3. Making Connections

Tether’s sampling events extend beyond product showcases; they serve as platforms for networking, business expansion, and meaningful dialogue. The Calgary and Kelowna events will each see over 200 Budtenders, retailers, industry professionals, and community members, aiming to build sustainable business relationships.

For brands, participation offers a chance to expand their reach and strengthen their industry presence. Retailers seize the opportunity to broaden their product offerings and invest in their sales team’s growth. 

Tether facilitates these connections, providing insights and marketing solutions for brands of all sizes. These events are designed to forge lasting connections in the cannabis industry while supporting the growth of retail environments.

4. Industry Progression

Provincial regulations regarding outdoor consumption areas are continuously evolving, presenting promising opportunities for hospitality and tourism. As these regulations become more accommodating, they pave the way for the establishment of cannabis-friendly consumption venues and events. Regulated sampling events are also integral to this process, playing a pivotal role in legitimizing the industry and dismantling social stigma. 

While these changes may seem small, they represent significant strides toward reducing stigma and creating a more welcoming space for cannabis enthusiasts and the industry as a whole.

5. Community Building

Beyond business, the Calgary and Kelowna sampling events will help build community. Cannabis enthusiasts, advocates, and entrepreneurs will come together to share their passion and celebrate progression. In Tether’s latest survey, over 90% of Budtenders express interest in attending events within the cannabis community, with 86% prioritizing building relationships with fellow Budtenders.

→ Tickets to Tether’s Kelowna Sampling Event on June 9 can be found here.

Learn more about Tether and its upcoming events at tetherbuds.com/events.

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