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Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples calls for jurisdiction over cannabis possession, sale, distribution in Canada

| David Brown |
The Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples calls for more control over cannabis rules within First Nations communities, says a report tabled today.  The committee’s report…

Canadian cannabis companies increasingly exploring export market

Canadian licensed producers might be enduring an oversupply and price compression challenge domestically, but troubles within the country’s borders aren’t swaying LPs from looking overseas…

Illicit cannabis website in PEI leads to conditional sentences for two

Two Ontario men operating an illegal cannabis website in PEI received conditional sentences from a Supreme Court Justice in PEI.

More than $100 million of cannabis sold in Nova Scotia last year 

Nova Scotia sold $111.1 million of cannabis in fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, an increase of 9% compared to the previous year.

New Brunswick’s sixth cannabis farmgate set to open soon

New Brunswick’s sixth cannabis farmgate store, Greenherb Farms is opening June 23, located about 45 minutes outside of Moncton.

Cannabis recalled for labelling error, THC higher than on package

The two lots of dried cannabis from Aarons BCBud—Lindsay OG and Island MKU—were recalled due to labelling errors.

New Brunswick’s first private cannabis store to open June 14

Cannabis Xpress, located in Grand Bay-Westfield, a town of about 5,000 located 15 minutes outside of Saint John, is the first of up to ten…

Cannabis sales in Quebec plateauing, as SQDC continues to focus on enhancing consumer experience

Jacques Farcy, President and of CEO the SQDC, the agency needs to continue improving customer experiences in order to expand its reach into the illicit…

Week in Weed – June 10, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
Weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending June 10

Dynaleo Inc, Dynaleo Group Services Inc. filed a Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal

Dynaleo, a premier cannabis edibles facility located in AB, investment or acquisition opportunity.

Newfoundland sold more than $70 million worth of cannabis in the last year

Newfoundland sold more than $70 million worth of cannabis in the last year, according to Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC) Q4 and Fiscal Year…

SLGA makes several changes to retail cannabis rules

| David Brown |
Beginning June 5, all cannabis retail stores in Saskatchewan are no longer required to ask for proof of age on every retail transaction for in-store…

Cannabis NB issues RFP for storage and distribution

| Staff |
Cannabis New Brunswick has posted an RFP for a third-party logistics provider to handle storage and distribution services in the province. 

Week in Weed – June 3, 2023

StratCann’s weekly roundup of industry news.

Cannabis consumers in Canada are willing to pay more for quality, but are still focused on high THC

A recent study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs examined cannabis consumer preferences as they relate to choosing where and what to…

Mississauga’s first cannabis stores beginning to open

Residents of Mississauga no longer need to drive outside of the city to visit a cannabis store.

Week In Weed – May 27, 2023

Industry updates for this week in weed, ending May 26.

Competition Bureau calls for more THC for edibles, more standardization among provinces

Canada’s Competition Bureau is recommending the government make several changes to cannabis regulations to make the industry more viable for legal business.

The Good Weed Board, part four

Part four of the Good Weed Board, showcasing Canada’s best dried flower products.

Updated: OCS recalls mint CBD spray for being an unlicensed prescription drug

| Staff |
The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has issued a recall for Feather brand’s Dream Mint CBD Rapid Spray from Motif Labs Ltd.

NB Munis want to know where their share of cannabis tax revenues went

The Union of Municipalities of New Brunswick (UMNB), as well as the Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFMNB) say they want to know where their…

The Week in Weed – May 20, 2023 

Industry updates for this week in weed, ending May 20.

BC repealing visibility requirements for cannabis stores

The BC Government announced today that their provincial cannabis regulations will no longer require that cannabis, cannabis accessories, or their packaging and labelling within the…

Manitoba suspends Social Responsibility Fee, expects passage of new legislation soon

In a bulletin sent to cannabis retailers on May 18, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL), the agency that oversees cannabis in the province, says they…

Cannabis sales continue to increase in BC as prices fall

Cannabis sales in BC continued to increase in the first three months of 2023, while the price of cannabis continues to drop in the province. 

Manitoba expected to return millions to cannabis retailers

| David Brown |
In response to industry concerns, the Manitoba government will be extending a rebate on their Social Responsibility Fee paid by cannabis stores since 2022, according…

New cannabis study shows no significant change in rates of use-disorder post-legalization 

| Ryan Fink | ,
Despite fears that legalizing cannabis would lead to troubling increases in problematic cannabis use, a new study is once again showing these concerns were over-hyped. 

The week in weed – May 13, 2023

Highlights from the cannabis industry for the May 13 issue of week in weed.

Manitoba cannabis stores say they need their money back

Several cannabis retailers are telling the Manitoba provincial government that they support its efforts to repeal a six percent fee charged to stores, but say…

Canadian cannabis producers say the process to vet new products needs an overhaul

Cannabis producers in Canada say the process to notify Health Canada of new products needs a significant overhaul. 

The Week in Weed – May 6, 2023

Another busy week for industry weed news here at StratCann and across Canada. Here’s your recap for the week ending May 6, 2023.

Indigenous man sues BC over CSU raids of his cannabis store

The owner of an indigenous-owned cannabis store in BC that was raided by the province in 2020 is now suing the BC government.

Health Canada will again be extending some of its COVID-19 related measures for the cannabis industry

In a memo sent out to licence holders on May 4, 2023, Heath Canada says it will be extending certain administration and enforcement adjustments beyond…

Manitoba NDP wants to know where the cannabis revenues went

The Manitoba NDP’s Finance Critic wants to know where the province has spent the money received from legalization. The province says it intends to sign…

BC needs someone to take pictures of weed

The Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples calls for more control over cannabis rules within First Nations communities, says a report tabled today.  The committee’s report…

Victoria Cannabis Buyers club files lawsuit against BC government

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (VCBC) announced plans to file an injunction and a constitutional challenge against the provincial government in response to several raids…

The Week in Weed – April 29, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
It was another busy week in weed news here at StratCann and across Canada. Here’s your recap for the week ending April 29.

Inside the world’s largest legal cannabis distribution centre

The Ontario Cannabis store, through a third party, operates the largest legal cannabis warehouse in the world.

BC announces more changes for cannabis retailers

The provincial government says they will be looking into lifting the cap on how many stores one company can own, currently limited to eight locations,…

New Brunswick’s first privately-owned cannabis stores could open this summer

The New Brunswick government began the vetting process for ten new private cannabis stores following a tender process that ended in October 2022.

OCS launches Social Impact Fund, encourages organizations to apply

The Ontario Cannabis Store has launched its Social Impact Fund to provide funding for organizations working to promote social responsibility in connection with cannabis.

Organigram asks court to overrule Health Canada on edibles extract restrictions

NB producer Organigram has filed for a judicial review of Health Canada’s recent decision to require an end to sales of “edible extracts” that exceed…

UBC researcher identifies new kind of root rot affecting cannabis plants

| David Brown |
Researchers at UBC Okanagan (UBCO) recently identified a new type of disease affecting the roots of cannabis plants, fungal pathogen Berkeleyomyces rouxiae, commonly known as…

BC announces funding to support Indigenous cannabis businesses

The provincial government announced nearly $2.3 million in additional funding for the New Relationship Trust which oversees the ICBF. This funding is on top of…

The Week in Weed – April 22, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
As you waded through press releases and promotional sales this week of 4/20, it was easy to miss some of the actual news happening this…

Updated: Health Canada issues recalls for two unauthorized cannabis products sold without market authorization (DIN) in Canada

The Ontario Cannabis Store has posted a recall for “Goodnight Dream Caps” from Taima Extracts Inc., a cannabis product they say is an unapproved prescription…

Mississauga to allow cannabis stores

Mississauga City Council voted today to approve a motion to lift its prohibition on cannabis retail stores and permit cannabis retail stores to be located…

Price of cannabis in Canada continues to decline, except for medical cannabis

| Staff |
Although the price of many consumer goods has been increasing over the past year, the price of cannabis in Canada continues to decline. 

Health Canada issues two new cannabis recalls due to inaccurate cannabinoid levels

Health Canada issued two new recalls of dried cannabis on April 18, one sold in Alberta and one in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba NDP want to take a close look at the province’s private retail cannabis model

The Manitoba NDP say they want to take a “close look” at the province’s private retail cannabis program if they form government following an upcoming…

The Week in Weed – April 15, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
A roundup of cannabis news from Canada and around the world for the second week of April 2023.

Supreme Court upholds Quebec’s right to ban growing cannabis at home

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Quebec has the right to ban residents from growing their own cannabis at home.

Inflated THC levels undermine cannabis industry

| Staff | , ,
A new study looking in the US argues that inflated THC levels on cannabis products undermine industry credibility.

Cannabis producers, retailer team up to show support for LGBTQ+ communities

A Manitoba cannabis processor and an Ontario cannabis grower are teaming up with a cannabis retailer in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to show their support for…

BC announces cannabis policy changes aimed at helping industry

In a memo to industry stakeholders, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) says it will be implementing several policy changes aimed at supporting the cannabis…

Mississauga could vote whether to approve cannabis stores soon

| David Brown |
Mississauga General Council voted to receive a motion today calling on the city to reverse its original ban on cannabis stores that has been in…

Cannabis use decreasing in Quebec since legalization, but vaping on the rise

Quebec’s annual survey that follows the evolution of cannabis consumption in the province shows no increase in cannabis use in the province from the previous…

Family petitions Nova Scotia to cover costs for children’s CBD oil

Parents of a six-year-old girl in Nova Scotia are lobbying the provincial government to cover the cost of using cannabis oil for the treatment of…

Week in Weed – April 8 , 2023

A roundup of cannabis news from Canada and around the world for the first week of April.

New rules will allow BC to use civil forfeiture to target illegal cannabis growers

The BC Government will soon have new tools to apply civil forfeiture rules against illegal cannabis growers.

Cannabis consumers in Canada more likely to be younger, female compared to the US

| David Brown |
The recently-released data compares sales figures from Ontario and Alberta, as well as eight legal US states against trends from 2021 to 2023. 

Study highlights ongoing gaps in medical cannabis access in Canada

| David Brown |
A group of medical cannabis advocates, researchers, and academics are drawing attention to what they say are concerns with proper access to medical cannabis in…

2023’s tough year in cannabis

So far, 2023 has been a difficult year for Canada’s regulated cannabis industry, with layoffs, declining revenues and lack of tax reforms.

The Week in Weed – April 1, 2023

The federal government’s Budget 2023, Shoppers’ withdrawal from the medical cannabis market, and other news for the week ending March 31.

Health Canada issues product recall for Pure Sun Farms BC Sour Kush for inaccurate labelling

Two lots of Pure Sunfarms Corp.’s Original Fraser Valley Weed Co. BC Sour Kush dried cannabis, sold in Ontario, were recalled due to incorrect cannabinoid…

Cannabis industry disappointed by lack of tax reform in Budget 2023

| Staff |
The Canadian government says it will continue to monitor the evolution of the cannabis industry, but did not include any significant reforms as part of…

Shoppers Drug Mart to exit medical cannabis market

| Staff | ,
Shoppers Drug Mart, one of the largest medical cannabis platforms in Canada, announced today its plans to transition out of the business, effective May 15,…

Most cannabis is around 18-24% THC, according to one lab’s results

One cannabis testing lab in Canada says most of the cannabis they have analyzed is around 18-24% THC, with only a fraction cracking the 30…

The Week in Weed – March 25, 2023

A recap of cannabis industry news for this week in weed, ending March 25.

Health Canada seeks feedback on potential amendments to Cannabis Regulations

| Staff | ,
Health Canada is seeking feedback from industry stakeholders on potential amendments to the Cannabis Regulations.

Producers can now provide cannabis samples to Alberta retailers

| David Brown |
The Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples calls for more control over cannabis rules within First Nations communities, says a report tabled today.  The committee’s report…

BC raids Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club at their new location

| Staff | ,
BC’s Community Safety Unit, along with Victoria Police were seen raiding the new location of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club today. 

Free market for retailers, but not consumption spaces, says Ford

Doug Ford doesn’t like the idea of cannabis smoking lounges, and also says the market should decide the fate of cannabis stores, not the government.

THC Testing—What it says vs What it is

We’ve spent decades trying to maximize THC—we even discovered that stressing out unpollinated female flowers gives us the best buzz and, presumably, the most THC…

Week in Weed – March 18

| Kieran Delamont |
The clocks have changed, the other green holiday is in the rearview mirror (or maybe you’re still feeling a bit of it today), and the…

Trudeau says it’s time for government to “catch up” and support cannabis industry

| Staff | ,
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged the need for the government to “catch up” with the cannabis industry’s concerns with issues like high taxation in a…

Sea Dog Farm becomes first Sun+Earth certified cannabis grower in Canada

A Vancouver Island outdoor cannabis farmer is the first in Canada to have their cannabis certified through Sun+Earth Certified, a US-based nonprofit third-party certification for…

Cannabis production licenses continue to come in, as licence revocations increase

| Staff | , ,
There were 175 applications to grow or process cannabis commercially in Canada in 2022, the majority of them micros.

More “edible extracts” companies say they will be pausing production 

| Staff | ,
Two more producers of cannabis-infused lozenges have released comments noting they will be adhering to a Health Canada notice to cease sale and distribution of…

Buying cannabis seeds and clones in Canada in 2023

As Canadians prepare for the 2023 cannabis growing season, home growers are beginning to get more options for finding cannabis clones and seeds. 

The Week in Weed – March 11, 2023

A round up of Canadian and international cannabis industry news for the week of March 11, 2023. Here’s your week in weed.

Global Cannabis Partnership launches Global Cannabis Trade Association

| Staff | ,
A Canadian group is launching what they hope will be a global trade organization for the cannabis industry. 

BC company ships 20 kg of cannabis to Jamaica

A BC company says they recently completed the first shipment of legal cannabis from Canada to Jamaica.

Challenges for some small producers shipping products to provinces

Cannabis producers outside of Ontario are trying to make shipping to the Ontario Cannabis Store work for them, although high costs to ship small-batch orders…

Edible extracts, direct delivery make a big splash in BC

The price of cannabis continues to decline in BC, while the number of cannabis stores increases.

Lab owner calls for more oversight of cannabis testing standards

The owner of one analytical testing lab is calling out what he says is a serious problem with the accuracy of THC levels on cannabis…

Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority pushes back against concerns with imported Canadian cannabis

| Staff | ,
Jamaica’s cannabis licensing agency is firing back after a controversy following several articles raised concerns about recent imports of cannabis from Canada.

The Week in Weed – March 4, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
A round up of Canadian and international cannabis industry news for the week of March 4, 2023. Here’s your week in weed.
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