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Wholesale cannabis prices appear to be rebounding

| David Brown |
While an excess supply of wholesale cannabis flower has been driving prices down over the past few years, it is possible cannabis sellers are beginning…

BZAM enters into agreement to acquire Final Bell’s Canadian operation

BZAM announced today it has entered into a definitive share exchange agreement to acquire Final Bell Canada Inc. a hardware, packaging and brand development company…

Industry mixed on new OCS THC testing program

Many are supportive of the recent OCS announcement about testing some cannabis flower products that come through its central distribution warehouse, some say the provincial…

Total unpackaged cannabis inventory, production space continue to decline

| Staff | , ,
The amount of unpackaged inventory cannabis producers are sitting on has continued to decline from a peak in late 2022, while approved indoor grow space…

Health Canada releases guidance document on intoxicating cannabinoids, including CBN

| Sarah Clark | ,
Health Canada has released guidance for cannabis producers on cannabis products with intoxicating cannabinoids other than delta-9-THC, including CBN.

BC Supreme Court puts pause on province’s efforts to seize $12 million in properties connected to illegal cannabis, psilocybin dispensaries

| Staff | ,
BC’s Director of Civil Forfeiture wants to seize a number of properties, a vehicle, and money they say are connected to a group illegally selling…

Week in Weed – December 2, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending December 2, 2023.

Victoria cannabis store sharing profits with employees

Starting December 1, Pineapple Victoria retail store owners have decided to become a profit-sharing business with their half-dozen employees. 

Ontario to allow retailers to own up to 150 cannabis stores, proposing to ban cannabis cultivation in home-based child care facilities

| Staff | , ,
New legislation in Ontario will, if passed, double the number of cannabis stores a retailer can operate from 75 to 150 and will ban the…

OCS to begin temporary THC testing program in 2024

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will be testing high-THC cannabis products sold in Ontario as part of a new pilot program launching in January. 

BZAM brought in $1.6 million in gross profit in Q3 2023

BZAM Ltd. reported its third-quarter financial results for 2023 posting $21 million in revenue, with $1.6 million in direct gross profit. 

OCS announces first round of Social Impact Fund partnerships

| Staff | , , ,
While an excess supply of wholesale cannabis flower has been driving prices down over the past few years, it is possible cannabis sellers are beginning…

Cronos enters into deal to sell, leaseback Peace Naturals Campus

| Staff | , , ,
Cronos Group Inc. says it has entered into an agreement to sell and lease back its Stayner, Ontario facility known as the “Peace Naturals Campus.”

Week in Weed – November 25, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending November 25, 2023.

Cannabis sales declined in September

| Staff | , ,
Retail cannabis sales in Canada declined 4.9% in September, from a high of $589 million to $560 million, although sales continue to increase annually.

Calgary Police investigating string of cannabis store robberies

| Sarah Clark | , ,
Calgary Police confirm they are investigating a string of recent armed robberies in the city.

New study suggests cannabis users may have greater “emotional comprehension”

| Staff | ,
A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience earlier this month found that cannabis users have greater emotional comprehension, a form of cognitive empathy.

PEI sold nearly $23 million worth of cannabis in 2022-23

PEI sold nearly $23 million worth of cannabis, the equivalent of 4,094 kg, in the 2022-23 fiscal year period from April 1, 2022, to March…

Toronto city councillor asking Ontario where additional promised cannabis tax revenue went

| Staff | , , ,
A Toronto city councillor wants to know why Ontario has not shared the additional promised tax revenue from cannabis sales with the city.

Week in Weed – November 18, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending November 18, 2023.

SQDC sold more than $150 million worth of cannabis this summer

| Staff | , ,
Quebec brought in $61.4 million from cannabis sales and taxes in the second quarter of this year from $151.7 million in sales.

Health Canada collected $60 million in cannabis fees in past year

| Staff | ,
While an excess supply of wholesale cannabis flower has been driving prices down over the past few years, it is possible cannabis sellers are beginning…

Petition to increase THC limit for edibles gains traction, MP support

| David Brown | ,
NORML Canada is petitioning the government of Canada to raise the THC limit on edibles from 10 mg per package to 100 mg THC.

Strike at dozens of SQDC stores now coming to an end

| Staff | , , ,
A strike that had impacted dozens of cannabis stores in Quebec for more than a year is coming to an end. 

Engaging budtenders for long-term sustainability

| Contributor | ,
Regulatory guidelines have clamped down on some of the most obvious means of brand differentiation. What’s not limited is brand building.

Week in Weed – November 11, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending November 11, 2023.

Canopy Growth operating at less of a loss than a year ago

| Staff | , ,
Canopy Growth brought in $39 million from its Canadian cannabis businesses in the past three months, down from $52 million in the same quarter in…

Strike at SQDC locations could be ending soon

| Staff | , , ,
A strike that has been affecting 24 SQDC cannabis retail outlets across Quebec could be ending soon, says the union behind the action. 

Aurora Cannabis’ growth buoyed by increased medical exports, cut flower business

| Staff | , ,
Aurora Cannabis is seeing an increase in sales of cannabis for medical purposes, buoyed by export markets, as well as a decline in sales in…

Canada’s cannabis regulations continue to evolve

Health Canada’s 2022–2023 Departmental Results Report shows the cannabis industry in Canada continuing to evolve and expand.

High taxes, regulatory fees, low margins meant the end of the road for OGEN

The race to the bottom in prices is good for consumers but bad for growers, says Darren Brisebois, President of OGEN cannabis, which closed the…

Nova Cannabis sees increasing revenue from data licensing, private label partnerships

Nova Cannabis Inc., a retail chain with 92 locations in three provinces, says it’s beginning to see consistent green on its spreadsheet through market stabilization,…

OGEN latest Alberta cannabis company to close

Another Alberta cannabis producer is shutting its doors. On November 3, Calgary-based OGEN Cannabis closed its facility, laying off 87 people as a result. 

Global tobacco giant ups investment in Canadian cannabis producer Organigram

British American Tobacco (BAT) announced today that it will invest nearly $125 million into New Brunswick’s Organigram and more than doubling its equity position in…

No more “ingestible extracts” means some BC consumers discovering cannabis capsules

The brief appearance of ingestible extracts on cannabis shelves and their subsequent disappearance has potentially introduced more consumers to cannabis oil capsules, say some BC…

Week in Weed – November 4, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending November 4, 2023.

Sales, stores continue to increase in BC as prices continue to drop

The number of stores and the amount of cannabis sold in BC has continued to increase while the price of cannabis products continues to drop.

Health Canada still says cannabis intended to be consumed as food is not an extract

Health Canada says it is currently in the “redetermination process” regarding its initial ruling on Edison Jolts from Organigram.

BC has seized more than $38 million in illicit cannabis since 2019

The BC Community Safety Unit has seized $3 million worth of cannabis so far this year, for a total of $38.18 million since it began…

Cannabis sales continue to grow across Canada

| Staff | , , ,
Cannabis sales continue to climb in Canada, with more than $460 million sold by the 3,600+ cannabis retailers nationwide. 

New research suggests that the effect of terpenes on cannabis aroma is overhyped

| Ryan Fink | ,
A study published recently in the America Chemical Society’s (ACS) journal Omega suggests that terpenes are only part of the picture when determining what compounds…

Cannabis companies are drowning in paperwork

| Tim Wilson | , ,
Within Canada’s cannabis industry, the paperwork requirements are placing a significant burden on smaller cultivators and processors.

Week in Weed – October 28, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending October 28, 2023.

Organigram says Jolts coming back to several provincial markets after Health Canada considers initial classification decision on the product to be void

Organigram, the New Brunswick producer that had its Jolts lozenges taken off shelves earlier this year, says it is again offering the “ingestible extract” product…

University of Alberta researchers exploring cannabis use for relief of menopause discomfort

| Staff | ,
A study released earlier this year by researchers from the University of Alberta examined cannabis use for relief from discomfort associated with menopause. 

Canadian producers still sitting on more than 1 million kg of dried cannabis

| Staff | ,
Cannabis producers in Canada are sitting on more than one million kilograms of unsold cannabis, a number that has remained relatively stable since September 2020.

New concerns over possible “ingestible extracts” and cannabis lozenges

Health Canada says it has again identified several edible cannabis products it deems as being incorrectly sold as cannabis extracts.

Few BC growers interested in farmgate a year after program launched

Nearly one year into the launch of BC’s cannabis farmgate program, some growers say the current cost to participate is too high for them. 

Data presented by Health Canada indicate cannabis exports may continue growing

Health Canada expects cannabis exports to continue to increase significantly, with more than a thousand applications already submitted as of September 12, 2023.

Cannabis sales continue to increase in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia saw an 8.7 percent increase in cannabis sales in its second quarter of 2023, to $31.4 million.

Canadian exports—Global medical cannabis markets

With Canadian cannabis exports surging, it’s a good time to become one of the only privately held EU-GMP facilities in Canada.

BC cannabis company asking the provincial government for tax money back

Carleen Roth, the COO at CannGroup, a cannabis processor in north Okanagan, is launching a petition calling on the provincial government to provide relief to…

Week in Weed – October 21, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending October 21, 2023.

BC providing funding for cannabis testing research project

The BC government is providing funding to support the creation of a tool to monitor THC and CBD in commercial cannabis.

New Brunswick cannabis producer shifts to micro licence

Crystal Cure Inc., a cannabis producer in Shediac Cape, announced today that it has successfully downgraded its licences for cultivation and processing to micro licences.

Health Canada announces changes to sale authorization of cannabis products to processing licences

Health Canada announced changes to the process of adding sale authorization of cannabis products to processing licences.

Cannabis-infused restaurant opens in Edmonton

A small restaurant in Edmonton is now serving cannabis-infused food and drink through a partnership with a local licensed cannabis producer. 

Cannabis Council of Canada calls for regulatory changes on fifth anniversary of legalization

The Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) is calling the cannabis community to Ottawa to commemorate the fifth anniversary of cannabis legalization in Canada and appeal…

Five years of Cannabis NB: Reflecting on the journey and envisioning the future

On October 17, Cannabis NB celebrates its five-year anniversary and five years of cannabis legalization in Canada.

Five years into legalization, cannabis industry reaches saturation point as legal weed takes more than 70% market share

| Staff | , ,
Five years into legalizing cannabis in Canada, the industry appears to be beginning to reach a saturation point.

Manitoba court upholds province’s ban on growing cannabis at home

| David Brown |
In a ruling posted on Friday, October 13, a Manitoba judge dismissed an application by a resident who was challenging the legality of Manitoba’s ban…

Week in Weed – October 14, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending October 14, 2023.

Tether’s Holiday Showcase strengthens bond between cannabis brands and budtenders

| Contributor | ,
Tether’s Holiday Showcase takes place at Millworks Creative Studios in Dundas, ON, on November 1, bringing traditional holiday PR tactics to the cannabis industry.

BC First Nation utilizing new “sovereign” edibles store next to their own provincially-licensed retail store

A First Nations-owned cannabis producer and retailer is now taking what they say is a “hybrid approach” to cannabis sales on their reserve lands.

Canada releases What We Heard Report on the Cannabis Act review

| Staff | , ,
Health Canada has released their What We Heard Report on the ongoing legislative review of the Cannabis Act.

Could Manitoba’s new Indigenous premier change the province’s strict cannabis laws?

On October 3, Canadian history was made in Manitoba when Wab Kinew of the New Democrat Party was elected to become the first Indigenous premier…

Scientists are trying to teach our phones to know when we’re stoned

| Sarah Clark | ,
Researchers in Canada and the US are trying to teach your smartphone to know when you’re high. 

Week in Weed – October 7, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending October 7, 2023.

Monograph on cannabis flower to be published in European Pharmacopoeia

| David Brown | ,
The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) expects to hold a webinar for its members on December 14, 2023 to present…

Cannabis regulations add to overall administrative burden in Canada

As part of an annual report from Health Canada, the Administrative Burden Baseline, the government tracks all federal regulations that are administered by Health Canada…

Wabi Sabi Brands Ltd. engaged in a Sales Process

Wabi Sabi, a fully-equipped chocolate cannabis edibles production facility in Calgary, is engaged in a Sales Process.

OCS recalls cannabis gummies due to possible mold contamination 

The OCS posted a cannabis product recall on October 4 for Port North’s Lemon Z Rosin solventless gummies.

Emblem recalls CBD vape pen for inaccurately labelled CBD

| Staff | ,
The recall is for one lot of Emblem Cannabis’ Divvy Nebula II CBD 510 Vape Cartridge, sold through authorized retailers in Ontario and Manitoba.

Compliance and enforcement efforts continue to increase, especially for personal and designated growers

Health Canada increased the number of inspections it conducted in the most recent fiscal year, compared to the year prior, especially of personal and designated…

AGLC reduces SKU listing fee listing for cannabis producers

Beginning October 1, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) is reducing the SKU listing fee for cannabis producers.

Week in Weed – September 30, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 30, 2023.

Measuring cannabis use among young Canadians before and after legalization

| Sarah Clark |
Despite concerns that cannabis legalization in Canada would cause an increase in cannabis use, a new study says rates of use among high-risk young adults…

Cannabis producers can now provide samples to cannabis stores in BC

The BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) has updated its regulations to allow cannabis retail store licensees and their employees to accept samples from…

Week in Weed – September 23, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 23, 2023.

BC launches new data report for cannabis producers

The BC LDB will soon launch a new data report that they say will help provide licensed producers with better insight into which retailers are…

Updated: OCS issues recall for two cannabis products for incorrect THC

| Staff | , , ,
The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has issued a recall for two cannabis products this week for incorrect THC values.

Cities in BC still asking for their share of cannabis tax

In a resolution to be considered at this week’s annual Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention, the government of Port Moody, with support from the…

BC court rejects retailers’ lawsuit calling for enforcement against cannabis stores on First Nations land

A BC court has thrown out a lawsuit filed by several BC cannabis retailers who say the government has failed to enforce its own regulations. 

Cannabis software company receives $1 million from Government of Canada

GrowerIQ says the funding, which comes through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), will be used to improve it cannabis tracking…

Reported cannabis use in Canada not increasing with legalization

The number of Canadians who reported ever smoking or vaping cannabis did not increase from 2021 to 2022, according to new figures from the federal…

BZAM cuts more than 90 personnel as company refocusses to two production sites

The company also says it is “focusing the scope of activities” at its facility in Pitt Meadows, BC facility and “concentrating other activities at its…

AGLC reverses decision on including CBN, THCV in THC total

In a letter to licensed producers today, the AGLC now says it will be reversing a recent policy to include CBN and THCV in THC…

Cannabis consumption space provides examples for BC government

An indoor consumption lounge inside one of Canada’s oldest compassion clubs offered members a chance to consume cannabis in a safe space, with the club…

Week in Weed – September 16, 2023

StratCann’s weekly round-up of news headlines in the cannabis industry for the week ending September 16, 2023.

Victoria Cannabis Co moves one step closer to their cannabis farmgate licence

In a 7-2 vote in a city council meeting on September 14, The Victoria Cannabis Company (VCC) received approval from the city to move one…
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