January 31, 2023

Aly K. Benson

Budtenders Association launches new travelling cannabis event

| Aly K. Benson |
It’s official, and the people have spoken: trade shows are out, and safe cannabis events are in. The cannabis event season kicked off around 420…

In Memory of Cannabis Athlete Advocate Elias Theodorou

| Aly K. Benson |
The cannabis community woke up to the news that struck hearts worldwide. Elias Theodorou, an MMA fighter and cannabis advocate, passed away on September 11th…

The cannabis industry’s role in Canada’s waste crisis

| Aly K. Benson |
Nearly 70 years after plastic was invented, 8.3 billion tonnes of it have been produced. Today, Canada produces over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste…

The trimming teams helping Canada’s cannabis growers

| Aly K. Benson |
BC has become well known over the last few decades for its craft cannabis production. The legacy of top-quality cannabis is possible thanks to the…
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