Emblem recalls CBD vape pen for inaccurately labelled CBD

| Staff

Health Canada has issued a recall for a cannabis vape pen with more than twice the CBD on the label. 

The recall is for one lot of Emblem Cannabis’ Divvy Nebula II CBD 510 Vape Cartridge, sold through authorized retailers in Ontario and Manitoba. The amount of CBD listed on the label was 222.3 mg/g, while the actual amount was 496.2 mg/g.

To date, neither Health Canada nor Emblem Cannabis Corporation have received any complaints or adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lot.

There were 2,540 units of the product sold from May 12, 2023, to October 3, 2023. The lot number is Lot 5214-1. A recall notice posted at the OCS.ca says the CBD and CBDA values on the label and CoA for the lot were switched.

Health Canada says that if consumers wish to return the affected product they should contact the retail store where the product was purchased.

Inaccurate labelling is one of the most common reasons for a product recall in the cannabis industry in Canada.

In 2022, Emblem had to issue a recall for mislabelled CBD extract, and in 2021 they had a previous recall for a CBD product due to a labelling error. 

Health Canada has issued more than a dozen recalls for cannabis products so far in 2023, mostly relating to inaccurately labelled THC and CBD levels.