Emblem issues recall for mislabelled CBD extract

| Staff

Emblem Cannabis has issued a recall for a CBD extract.

The recall is for Emblem’s CBD 100 Cannabis Extract, due to inaccurate labelling. The total THC and total CBD per activation declared on the label are lower than the actual total THC and total CBD per activation in the product. 

The printed values on the label showed 0.0 mg total THC and 0.3 mg total CBD per activation, when there is actually 0.3 mg total THC and 10.1 mg CBD per activation.

The 30m bottles were packaged on March 7. 

Emblem Cannabis Corporation has received only one complaint to date related to the mislabelled cannabinoid values, and Health Canada has not received any complaints related to the recalled lot. The public recall notice says that neither Health Canada nor Emblem Cannabis Corporation has received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lot (3848-2).

183 units of the product were sold between March 16 and March 25. No action is required by consumers, but they can return any affected products by contacting Emblem Cannabis Corporation at [email protected] or 1-844-546-3633.

Inaccurate labelling is one of the most common reasons for a product recall in the cannabis industry in Canada.