Health Canada approves a novel EEG-driven research model to study non-therapeutic effects of cannabis

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Hamilton, ON – December 13, 2023: Zentrela, Inc., the leading Canadian neurotechnology company, is proud to announce that Health Canada has authorized its novel EEG-based research model for Category 3 non-therapeutic cannabis effect studies, unlocking the ability to provide Canadian LPs with objective and regulatory-compliant product effect evidence.

While a Category 1 NTRC license allows for sensory testing, it is sometimes also used to informally collect reported cannabis effect information. However, this latter type of non-scientific data is not reliable nor compliant with Health Canada’s NTRC regulatory framework, therefore its value is limited. It is important to remember that Health Canada’s regulations stipulate that under the non-therapeutic research on cannabis (NTRC) framework, license holders should only study cannabis effects under Category 2 or 3 NTRC studies.

The Category 3 NTRC was created to enable Canadian cannabis companies to generate product effect evidence using scientific research instruments like EEG devices through interventional studies based on the full consumption of pre-commercialized products.

Zentrela’s unique EEG-driven research model for objectively quantifying the psychoactive and mood effects of cannabis products is the result of 7+ years of R&D to master the ability to combine proprietary portable EEG technology with Machine Learning to characterize cannabis effects accurately and affordably. Since 2021, Zentrela has been continuously refining its EEG-based research solution, generating more algorithms and standardizing its master research protocol to make it the most objective, fast-to-conduct, and replicable solution in the market.

“This is a game-changing event for the Canadian cannabis industry and Zentrela,” said company founder and CEO Israel Gasperin. “Before our offering, there didn’t exist a standardized, objective and quantifiable way of characterizing cannabis effects. Health Canada’s approval of our EEG-driven research methodology is making the application and activation for a Category 3 NTRC license very straightforward and affordable. Instead of investing in regulatory consulting fees to start an L3 NTRC application process from scratch, now LPs can work with us right away to unlock the business benefits of generating product effect evidence objectively and in compliance with the Cannabis Act and its regulations.” 

Zentrela is awaiting from Health Canada’s Licensing and Security Division to finalize the review of the security aspects of their research facility to start receiving pre-commercialized cannabis products and conducting non-therapeutic cannabis effect research under the Category 3 NTRC license.

For further information, contact Roy Agostino at (416) 659-0678.

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