London police seize more than $8 million in illicit cannabis from home extraction lab

| Morton Robertson

Police in Ontario now say they have seized more than $8 million in illegal cannabis products from a luxury home in London.

London Police shared an update on an April 4 incident that led police to uncover a cannabis processing lab. 

Police now say they seized a large quantity of dried cannabis, along with cannabis resin, infused butter, shatter, gummies and other candies, along with psilocybin, MDMA, lab equipment, as well as several weapons and ammunition. 

Images shared by London Police Services show sophisticated extraction equipment inside the home, including a rotary evaporator and CO2 extraction machine.

A 30-year-old man, Donovan Wendt, who was arrested on April 4 in relation to the initial disturbance that led police to the home, is still in police custody. He’s scheduled to appear in a London court on Tuesday, April 11. 

The initial police report states that the second man involved in the initial altercation was arrested and subsequently released.

Police are still seeking a second man, 46-year-old Felice Ferri. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The incident began on April 4, when London Police attended an address in the 400-block of Commissioners Road E for a disturbance. The police report states that upon arrival, officers located two individuals who were arrested for a drug and weapons investigation.

While inside the residence, officers also noticed what they deemed potentially hazardous materials and equipment. London Fire was called in to assist in determining if there was any immediate threat to public safety. In an update posted on April 5, police say no such threat was determined. 

A press release notes that London Police Services, along with the assistance of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Clandestine Laboratory Investigative Response Team (CLIRT), OPP Provincial Joint Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team (PJFCET), and Ontario Fire Marshal Office along with London Fire Department, continue to investigate.

The investigation remains ongoing. The Zillow listing for the property in question shows a five-bedroom, six-bath, 6,544 square foot home on 1.27 acres.

As a result of the investigation, police seized the following:

  • Approximately 140 kg of marihuana shake, estimated value $14,000
  • Approximately 162 litres of suspected cannabis resin, estimated value $8,100,200
  • Approximately 1.2 kg of suspected cannabis butter, estimated value $96,000
  • Approximately 1.34 kg of suspected cannabis ‘shatter’, estimated value $67,000
  • 672 cannabis gummy edibles, estimated value $3,360
  • 143 cannabis lollipops, estimated value $715
  • 551 grams of psilocybin, estimated value $5,510
  • 231 grams of MDMA, estimated value of $11,550
  • 8999 grams of marihuana bud, estimated value $89,990
  • Loaded Norinco M305 semi-automatic .308 long rifle
  • Loaded .38 calibre handgun
  • 14 rounds of .38 calibre ammunition
  • 264 rounds of .308 calibre ammunition
  • Three (3) cellular telephones
  • Extensive laboratory equipment (estimated value $500,000)