Officers seize cannabis, arrest one in New Brunswick

| Morton Robertson

Peace officers with the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety conducted another raid of a store selling unlicensed cannabis products, this time in Bathurst. 

The search warrant was executed on April 26 at the Gitpu Trading Post, 91 Russell St. in Saint John. A 39-year-old Saint John man was arrested, and a large quantity of cannabis products were seized, including:

  • eight kilograms of dried cannabis
  • one kilogram of hashish
  • 319 cannabis distillate cartridges
  • 368 packages of cannabis gummies
  • 77 jars and 323 packs of cannabis shatter
  • 57 cannabis food products (chocolate bars, etc.)
  • 44 cannabis personal care products (bath bombs, body creams, etc.)
  • 506 pre-rolled cannabis joints
  • 98 vape pens containing THC
  • 33 flavoured nicotine vape pens
  • 16 psilocybin (magic mushrooms) food products
  • electronics – two Apple iPads, three cellphones and four digital scales
  • $4,759.15 in cash

The arrested man was later released and will appear in court to face charges under the federal Cannabis Act at a later date.

Officials in New Brunswick also announced a recent raid on April 5, 2024.