Police in Ontario seized 3 kg cannabis, edibles, vape pen during traffic stop

| Morton Robertson

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) say they found several kilograms of dried cannabis, along with a few illicit edibles and a vape pen, during a recent traffic stop for speeding.

A tweet shared by OPP East Region explains that officers with the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry detattachment, a county south of Ottawa, stopped a vehicle for speeding on  Hwy. 401 near Long Sault. 

In the course of the stop, officers discovered and seized 3,415 grams of bulk-packaged cannabis (or about seven and a half pounds), along with edible cannabis products and a vape pen. Police say the total is valued at $12,000, or about $3.50 a gram. 

The edibles displayed by police are labelled as the Cream of the Crop brand, and the vape pen appears to be a Gas Gang White Rhino vape cart, both sold in the illicit market.

The driver, already a prohibited driver, was said to be “charged accordingly.”