Police in Quebec warning public about illicit cannabis products

| Morton Robertson

The Trois-Rivières Police Department in Quebec recently seized numerous illicit cannabis and are warning parents to stay vigilant. 

Police in Trois-Rivières, located between Quebec City and Montreal, say they recently seized a large quantity of illicit cannabis products, many of which come in packaging appealing to young people.

The products, warn police, resemble products often commonly sold in stores like Doriota and Skittles, along with colourfully packaged vape pens. 

Several of these products, especially various cannabis edibles like candies, chips and cookies, were seized this week from a home in downtown Trois-Rivières. Police say they also seized a variety of narcotics, prescription drugs and contraband tobacco.

Such illicit cannabis products, especially edibles, often come in doses that far exceed the legal amount of 10mg THC and the legal market’s childproof and plain packaging requirements. In addition, Quebec has some of the most strict rules for legal cannabis edible in Canada, not allowing products like gummies, cookies, or candies.