Winnipeg police arrest owner of Quickie Mart over cannabis, bear spray

| Morton Robertson

Police in Winnipeg arrested the owner of a local convenience store on April 7 following an investigation that uncovered illegal cannabis and bear spray in the store. 

The store, a Quickie Mart, is located in a residential neighbourhood across from a recreational centre and daycare. Signage at the store indicates they are open 24 hours and sell, among other products, bongs, pipes, and vape supplies, along with food and snacks. 

Winnipeg Police Service began their investigation on March 28, assisted by North District General Patrol officers and Manitoba Finance investigators, inspecting the business in the city’s North End.

Eighteen full cans of bear spray and three partial cans, along with $1,570 worth of packaged cannabis products, were seized as evidence and turned over to the Winnipeg Police Service. Retailers in Manitoba must be licensed to sell bear spray, as well as cannabis, and they’re not allowed to display bear spray in areas accessible to customers.

The cannabis products were not labelled for sale and the business was not licensed to sell cannabis or bear spray. On March 29 arrest warrants were issued for the suspect.

On April 7, officers attended a residence in the first 100 block of Castle Ridge Drive where they located the 28-year-old female suspect and placed her under arrest on the strength of the warrants. She faces charges of Possession for the Purpose of Selling Cannabis (Criminal Code/Cannabis Act), Unauthorized Sale of Cannabis (LGCCA), Possession Cannabis not Packaged, Labelled, and Stamped in Accordance with Federal Requirements (LGCCA), Purchase of a Restricted Pesticide Containing Capsaicin (bear spray), and failure to complete and sign a declaration in the form set out in Form 7 of the Schedule (Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act), and Possession of Cigarettes etc. not Manitoba Marked (Tobacco Tax Act).

She was released on an Appearance Notice as mandated by the Criminal Code.