Dunn Cannabis, what’s next

| Brad Martin

In late November of 2020, StratCann had a chance to speak with Logan Dunn of Dunn Cannabis on their grow method, genetic offering, and what’s next for their brand in the next few months.

Grow Method

Located in Abbotsford British Columbia, Dunn Cannabis is a micro-cultivator, operating with a 4 person team, including Logan and his brother.

They use a soil based medium. Logan explains they use ProTerra soil with added purolite, coco coir, and castings; modulating the level castings overtime to get the desired terpene content.

For light, they use a variance of lights used throughout stages of growth. LED is used for seedlings and plants in the early vegetative stage. High Pressure Sodium bulbs are used for adult vegetative growth. Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs are used when the plant finishes flowering.

During harvest, plants are cut and hung dry for 21 days in total darkness. Environmental conditions inside the drying room are 60 fahrenheit and around 50%RH, which Logan notes as cold cure. 

A HEPA filter is employed in the room, and the environment is closely monitored as the humidity is cycled down over the 21 day period. Once dry, the flowers are hand trimmed before they are cured for at least 21 days.

Brand Strategy

Dunn Cannabis products are currently sold under Indivia’s Artisanal Batch brand in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Once they’re established in the largest Cannabis markets, Dunn looks to expand into Manitoba and the Maritime provinces as well. 

Product freshness is paramount, Logan mentions they’re looking for vendors that can get the product to the consumer quickly. In the upcoming weeks, Dunn products will be moving into Shelter Market. Moving inside Shelter Market’s new brand hierarchy. Logan is looking at direct medical sales, and also has plans for a rosin product produced in collaboration with North 40.

As freshness is a key measure, Dunn plans to ship their branded products in a sealed glass jar with a humidipak. Logan tells me they’re using deconstructable and recyclable packaging; even planning a program where consumers can sign up to receive a wax package that will convert the empty jar to a candle.

Genetic Offering

Currently Dunn offers their Island Pink Screwhead, a cross of Screwhead OG, which Logan notes is a high THC variant popular in the Fraser Valley, and Tom Ford Pink Kush, another widely popular cultivar from the West coast. 

Their upcoming cultivar is called Karma, a selection from Seed Junky’s Acai-Gelato x Kush Mints #11.

Dunn mentions they have 74 more crosses which are unique to them. Their facility includes an R&D room, where they run seeds for phenotyping, and testing under various conditions. 

Market Strategy

When Canada legalized in October 2018, Logan was focused on getting licensed, and didn’t pay much attention to the early availability in the market. 

Now that they have products out, they’ve put their name on the line and are looking for like minded companies to build long-term relationships with. As such, Dunn is also looking forward to the increasing amount of micro-cultivators, particularly in his area.

Expansion is part of Logan’s plan. As Dunn identifies products with high market absorbance, they’d like to expand their footprint to produce those products on a greater scale.