Incorrect labelling triggers recall for Acai Berry Gelato 3.5 gram jar

The BC LDB has issued a product recall for Acai Berry Gelato 3.5g due to inaccurately labeled THC and CBD levels.

We Grow BC, the sales partner for the grower, advised the BC cannabis distributor that errant decimal points on the labels on their Acai Berry Gelato 3.5g should have shown 205.0 mg/g THC and 0.6mg/g CBD, not 20.50 mg/g THC and 0.06 mg/g CBD.

The labelled CBDA and THCA values were also incorrectly represented: THCA is actually 229.8 mg/g and not 22.98 mg/g, while the CBDA is actually 0.7 mg/g and not 0.07 mg/g as stated.

Labelling errors are one of the most common reasons for a product recall. Although consumers likely won’t care enough to return the product since the only problem is mislabelling, retailers and the distributor will need to send any unsold packages back to the processor for re-labeling.

The following SKU and lot combination is eligible for return from retail stores:

BCLDB SKU #Product DescriptionLot#
1032945Acai Berry Gelato – 3.5g Dried Flower2101002

If any consumers have any additional questions or would like to arrange for a return of the impacted product, they can contact the BC LDB Customer Care team at [email protected] or 1-844-420-2227.