61 kilograms of THC extract seized at US border crossing south of Winnipeg

| Staff

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations officers at the Pembina Port of Entry about one hour south of Winnipeg seized a shipment of THC extract totaling 61 kilograms on March 18.

The shipment was sent to the United States on an express consignment carrier and was manifested as non-alcohol disinfectant.  Physical examination of the shipment revealed eight containers of a brown, liquid substance.

Assistance from U.S. Border Patrol K-9 unit resulted in the alert for the presence of an odour that the dog was trained for. The odour was traced back to the shipment labeled disinfectant. Samples of the substance were sent to a CBP laboratory for analysis. The analysis determined the product was THC extract.

Although the CPB report does not mention the country of origin, given the remote location of this border crossing and its proximity to Canada it’s likely it originated in Canada.

“CBP officers and Border Patrol agents work to safeguard the United States,” said Pembina Area Port Director Jason Schmelz.  “This seizure represents the successful partnership of these agencies to prevent contraband from entering the United States and into our communities.”

The US has seen a significant uptick in seizures of cannabis products at the US/Canada border over the last year. The US seized more than 20,000 pounds of cannabis at the Canadian border in 2020.