Drunk driver crashes into cannabis store in Ontario

| David Brown

A drunk driver crashed into a cannabis store in Ontario on January 4 in the town of Cardinal, about an hour drive south of Ottawa. 

In a post to Twitter, the OPP said its Grenville detachment attended the collision, noting only minor damage and no injuries. The 67-year-old driver received a three-day licence suspension after a roadside breath test found them to have a quantity of alcohol in his system.

“The driver’s breath result was in the warning range, which is a 3-day suspension penalty. Registering a “Fail” on the test would result in criminal charges.” noted a follow-up Tweet.

An employee at the store, a Shiny Buds located off County Road 2, told StratCann that two employees were in the store at the time, but no one was hurt. The store is still open and expects repairs to be completed soon.