Police in BC, Alberta shut down illicit cannabis and psilocybin website

| Staff

An online cannabis and psilocybin platform lead police to a $13 million dollar bust earlier this month in Alberta and BC. 

Following a tip to police in April, five search warrants were executed on December 7 and 8 by the Calgary Police Service Substance and Fentanyl Evaluation (SAFE) Team and the BC RCMP, in Calgary, Kelowna, and Beaverdell, BC.

Investigators say the website’s sales were more than $11 million since January, which they allege is used to fund organized crime activities. Properties in BC were identified as production sites, while the main operation was suspected to be run from a home in Calgary. The website in question was thechronfather.com.

According to a post on reddit in November, orders from the website began to experience delivery issues. An Instagram page advertising the website claims to be “Personal medicine” and “Health Canada ACMPR licensed”. Such licenses do not allow for commercial sale of cannabis.

Police seized cannabis plants, along with about 2,600 kg of dried cannabis, along with 7.2 kg of shatter, along with other types of cannabis oils and resins. More than $8,500 worth of psilocybin was also seized, both in dried form and as gummies, along with $63,000 in cash, four rifles with ammunition. Police also seized a Ford F350. The total volume or weight of the psilocybin was not provided by police. 

Two people were arrested, pending charges. The Castanet posted about the bust first on Dec 7, one week before Calgary RCMP provided official information.

Earlier this year the OPP said they had begun shifting their focus to online cannabis retailers.

Alberta recently announced that private cannabis stores in the province will be allowed to do online sales and deliveries by March 2022.