Police in BC seize 52 kg of cannabis during traffic stop

| Staff

Police in New Westminster, BC, say they found 52 kg of illicit cannabis during a recent traffic stop.

Police discovered the cannabis after pulling the vehicle over for speeding across the Queensborough Bridge, about thirty minutes outside Vancouver.

After the officer initiated the traffic stop and spoke to the driver, the driver was arrested. During a search of the vehicle, dozens of vacuum-sealed bags of illicit cannabis were discovered.

Although the traffic stop occurred on February 1, police did not release information on the incident until February 23. 

“The Gang Suppression Unit routinely intercepts people with large amounts of drugs or dangerous weapons,” stated Constable Gallagher, who made the traffic stop.

“Though marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2018, it is illegal to sell marijuana outside the measures outlined in the Cannabis Act,” Stated Sergeant Andrew Leaver. “Penalties for offences under the Cannabis Act range from warnings and tickets for minor offences, to criminal prosecution and imprisonment for more serious offences.”

More information on cannabis laws and regulations can be found on the Government of Canada website.