US customs seizes nearly 4,000 bongs from China

| Staff

US Customs and Border Protection officers say they recently seized 3,738 glass bongs from China, destined for Los Angeles. 

The glass bongs, listed on shipping information as “gravity pipes” were said to have violated US laws on the importation of drug paraphernalia and were assigned a value of $56,033. 

The seizure was made at Washington Dulles International Airport on October 3. Customs officials at the same airport also seized a shipment of 41 boxes that contained 8,387 glass and silicone smoking pipes and bongs in September 2020. The agency valued the pipes and bongs at $143,000 and said they also originated from China.

In October of last year, customs officials seized more than 2,400 bongs at the Alexandria Bay Port of Entry in New York. That shipment was labelled as coming from India but the real origin was China.