Health Canada seeking feedback on potential changes to Cannabis Regulations

| David Brown

Health Canada has issued a 30-day notice for stakeholders to comment on several possible changes to the Cannabis Regulations.

The changes include Health Canada’s intent to amend the Cannabis Regulations to facilitate non-therapeutic cannabis research involving human participants and cannabis testing. It also seeks feedback on aspects of the regulations such as public possession limit amounts, product labelling, micro class and nursery licences, and COVID-19 measures.

Health Canada is considering proposing amendments to the Cannabis Regulations and its associated regulatory frameworks that would facilitate non-therapeutic research with cannabis involving human participants, and to facilitate testing activities with cannabis.  

The proposed changes, which are covered in the 30-day notice, would facilitate non-therapeutic cannabis research involving human participants by implementing appropriate health and safety controls, and broadening adverse reaction reporting, where necessary. It would also seek to streamline and rationalize the licensing framework under the Cannabis Regulations to facilitate cannabis-based testing activities, including expanding production, distribution, and sale activities with cannabis reference standards and test kits, and expanding the acceptable qualifications of the “head of laboratory.”

More information on these proposed changes can be found here.

Possession limits

In addition. Health Canada is seeking input on proposed changes to the public messaging around the 30 gram public possession limit for dried cannabis or its “equivalent” for non-dried forms of cannabis, and specifically if the possession limit for beverages should be raised. 

Product labelling

The regulator also seeks feedback on the required labelling, specifically if Health Canada should be required to label other cannabinoids and terpenes beyond THC and CBD be provided on labels. 

Micro class and nursery licences

Health Canada is also seeking feedback on the viability of micro cultivation, processing and nursery licenses, and if there are any elements of the regulations that could be adjusted. 

COVID-19 measures

Lastly, Health Canada is seeking feedback on the COVID-19 measures that have been in place since April and if some of those changes should be made permanent. These changes include accepting a packaging date that is within four days of the printed packaging date on the label, enabling the destruction of cannabis to be witnessed virtually and simplifying the requirements for the presence of a security cleared person accompanying cannabis being treated at an external destruction or irradiation facility. These measures are in place until March 31, 2021.