Alberta issues recall for AgMedica Vertical cannabis beverages

| David Brown

The Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis agency that manages Alberta cannabis issued a product recall today for two cannabis beverages sold by Ontario producer AgMedica Bioscience.

The Alberta cannabis distributor and retailer is asking consumers who purchased AgMedica Bioscience Sparkling Beverage, Vertical Pomegranate Blueberry beverage – Lots EXPE-18-20073B1, EXPE-18-20074B1, EXPE-18-20105B1 and EXPE-18-20106B1 – and Vertical Lemon Lime beverage – Lots EXPE-18-20075L1, EXPE-18-20076L1 and EXPE-18-20076L2 to return their product to the retailer where it was purchased in order to receive a refund.

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The recall says it is due to mislabeled THC levels in the beverages, with lower THC levels than advertised on the product itself. Because of this, the provincial agency says there are no health hazards associated with the recall.

AgMedica has marketed the 55 ml products as ready-to-drink “beverage minis”.

Retailers that purchased the beverages are instructed to remove them from their shelves and mark them as ‘Do Not Sell – Recalled Product’. The AGLC can then, at a future date, issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Recalls for mislabeled products are not uncommon, making up the bulk of the more than two dozen cannabis product recalls over the last several years.

AgMedica announced a ‘liquidity crisis‘ earlier this year, saying they are seeking interim financing and protections.

UPDATED: On June 12, Health Canada issued a recall notice for this product as well, stating that the recall was the product of stability testing conducted by AgMedica Bioscience, which they say indicates that the quantity of THC in the product may decrease over time.

Neither Health Canada nor AgMedica have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lots. 11,869 units of recalled product were sold from April 20 to June 1, 2020.

Product: AgMedica Bioscience – Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkling Beverage – 55 ml
CNB Number: CNB-01701027
Lot Numbers: EXPE-18-20073B1, EXPE-18-20074B1, EXPE-18-20105B1, EXPE-18-20106B1

Product: AgMedica Bioscience – Lemon Lime Sparkling Beverage – 55 ml
CNB Number: 
Lot Numbers: 
EXPE-18-20075L1, EXPE-18-20076L1, EXPE-18-20076L