BC greenhouse grower to offer “price-sensitive” ounces under new brand

| Staff

Pure Sunfarms, a BC greenhouse producer, is expanding its brand categories to provide a new one-ounce product segment for more “price-sensitive, frequent purchasers”. 

Expanding on the existing Pure Sunfarms brand, the company’s new Original Fraser Valley Weed Co brand is their first attempt at creating a new brand under their banner. 

While many cannabis companies often provide an array of different brands for not only different product types, but also different consumer demographics, Pure Sunfarms has focused first on building up its initial brand before expanding outwards. 

“The multiple brand strategy and moving into a house of brands was always something that was on our radar, says Mandesh Dosanjh, President & CEO, Pure Sunfarms  “(It was just about) balancing the right strategic opportunity and when we saw the time was right to jump into another brand and a different consumer segment, we pounced at the opportunity.”

The Original Fraser Valley Weed Co.’s initial offering will include ounce packs of two cultivars, D. Burger and MAC 1. It is currently available in British Columbia and will be available in Alberta soon, followed by other provinces. 

Dosanjh says Pure Sunfarms spent the last year or so testing and experimenting with these cultivars and expanding their own capacity to handle the new SKUs. 

“Over the last year or so, as other producers closed up shop and laid people off, we did the exact opposite. So it was very intentional with our expanded capacity to allow us to start to think about new brands.”

Pure Sunfarms is one of the largest cannabis operations in the world, with 2.2 million square feet of greenhouse space in Delta, British Columbia. The company currently operates within 1.65 million square feet. 

Pure Sunfarms is the licensed producer of record for Pure Sunfarms, The Original Fraser Valley Weed. Products are available in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. They are also Cookies brand’s sun-grown partner in Canada.

Image via puresunfarms.com