Canadian retail cannabis sales passed $420m in June 2023

| Staff

Cannabis sales in Canada passed the 420 million mark again in June, following a slight decline after the Christmas shopping season.

Total retail sales of cannabis in June 2023 were over $426 million, up from $415 million in the previous month and a peak of $425 million in December 2022.

Like sales in many retail sectors, cannabis sales have dipped in the months following the Christmas shopping seasons over the last three years, before again building on an ongoing, upward trend. 

The number of retail stores across Canada also continues to grow, although the pace has slowed considerably compared to the first four years of legalization. 

  • BC: 506 public and private stores as either open or “coming soon”
  • Alberta: 746
  • Saskatchewan: 177
  • Manitoba: 189, 109 of which are in Winnipeg 
  • Ontario: 1,748 as authorized to open 
  • Quebec: 98
  • New Brunswick: 25 public stores, plus six private stores and six farmgate stores 
  • Nova Scotia: 49
  • PEI: 4 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 45
  • Yukon: 6 cannabis stores
  • Nunavut: 1 licensed store
  • Northwest Territories: 6 brick-and-mortar locations, plus one online store